What's Sociology

Sociology, as a discipline, attempts to understand how society is made possible, how it functions, and what sustains it. To appreciate how society operates, one must study social institutions such as the family, education, work, religion, and the state. Sociology provides for critical inquiry into these institutions and illuminates the importance of the dimension of power within them. To study Sociology, then, is to develop a critique of the foundations of society which are often taken for granted by people in everyday life. Students are encouraged to examine the social conditions of human pursuits through instruction in a number of substantive areas such as population and urban studies, marriage and the family, health and illness, work and organization, cultures and ideologies, migration and transnationalism, and modernization and social change. Such inquiries are supported by an intensive study of the theoretical foundations of the discipline, and by a thorough training in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Our History

Fall 1956 The Department of Sociology and Social Work was established as one of the five founding departments of Hong Kong Baptist College. The Department then was under the Faculty of Arts and consisted of two divisions: Sociology and Social Work. A four-year post-secondary Diploma program was offered. Classes were conducted at Pui Ching Middle School until the College acquired its own campus in 1966.
Fall 1972 The Department of Sociology and Social Work came under the Faculty of Social Sciences until the present.
Fall 1973 The program of the Sociology Division was restructured. One major and two minors programs (Criminology and Psychology) were offered.
Fall 1975 An additional minor program was added to the Sociology Division. As a result, in addition to a major program, the Sociology Division offered three minors, in Criminology, Psychology, and Recreation respectively.
Fall 1979 The Social Work Division was separated from the Department of Sociology and formed a separate unit. The Department was formally renamed "Department of Sociology" until the present.
Fall 1980 To accommodate a College-wide 2+2+1 system, the original Diploma Program was changed to the Honors Diploma Program. After completing the pre-college program (Basic Studies Program), students would then spend another two years to obtain a Senior Diploma and one more year to pursue an Honors Diploma.
Fall 1981 Upon the invitation by the Hong Kong Government, the Department was assessed by the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA).
Fall 1983 With the cancellation of the Basic Studies Program, the Department now offered a three-year Honors Diploma course, offering a major in Sociology with two concentrations: Social organization/institutions and social administration.
Fall 1987 The two concentrations in the Sociology program were removed.
Spring 1989 The Department became one of the member departments of the Arts and Social Sciences program (BAASS (Hons)), which was established in Fall 1988. The Department offered a degree program in BA (Hons) in Sociology.
Fall 1989 The China Studies Program was established. Sociology, as a participating department, offered BSocSc (Hons) in China Studies (Sociology Option).
Spring 1990 The Conversion Program was instituted, in which previous Diploma holders could convert to Degree holders by completing a number of courses.
Fall 1991 The postgraduate program was installed in the Department. The first MPhil. student was admitted to the program.
The Survey Research Laboratory of the Department was opened in the same year.
Fall 1995 The final cohort of students was admitted to the Conversion Program.
Fall 1999 The BAASS (Hons) program was devoluted. The program of BA (Hons) in Sociology was changed to BSocSc (Hons) in Sociology.
Fall 2003 The Department joined with Economics, Geography, and History to offer the Master of Social Sciences (Contemporary China Studies) Program.
Fall 2005 The Department collaborated with the Department of Education Studies in offering the Liberal Studies concentration in two postgraduate programs, namely Master of Education (Part time) and Part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Education Course - Subject Teaching and Subject Knowledge Stream.
Fall 2007 In collaboration with the Department of Education Studies, the Department offered the double degree program in Sociology (BSocSc (Hons)) and Liberal Studies Teaching (BEd (Hons)).