Medium of Instruction

Both Chinese and English languages are the media of instruction in our Department.

Teaching Methods

Most courses in our Department are taught in a combination of lectures and tutorials. Lectures are designed for an instructor to address the entire class on major topics or issues, whereas tutorials entail small-group activities related to those topics or issues; they are usually held after the respective lectures. Students are required to attend both lectures and tutorials.

The Tutorial System

The tutorial system is one of the unique teaching modes at our University. Tutorials provide interactive settings where students are critically exposed to issues and problems which cannot be pursued during lectures. Students are encouraged to take the initiative in discussions, and to learn in an active and self-motivated fashion. The design of tutorial activities varies from one subject to another and may take the form of seminars, class presentations, or discussions with audio-visual aids.

Over the years, our Department has developed a self-access tutorial program funded by our University. The program serves as an alternative and supplement to conventional tutorials through the use of computer-aided units in the CD-ROM format. These self-access tutorials are designed to enhance Year I students' understanding of key concepts and theories in Sociology and of Hong Kong Society.