Research Professor
BARBALET, Jack (齊傑)
Ph.D (University of Adelaide)

Research Interests:
Sociological theory; Economic sociology; Political sociology; Chinese society

Course(s) Taught:
3-year Course4-year Course
Selected Publications (For complete list of publications, please view Staff CV.):

‘Chinese Individualization, Revisited’. Journal of Sociology. 52(1): 9-23.


Guanxi, Tie Strength and Network Attributes’. American Behavioral Scientist. 59(8): 1038-50.


‘The Structure of Guanxi: Resolving Problems of Network Assurance’. Theory and Society. 43(1): 51-69.


‘Self-Interest in Chinese Discourse and Practice: Temporal Distinctions of Self’. Sociological Review. 61(4): 649-66.