Assistant Professor
LI, Yao Tai (李耀泰)
Ph.D. (University of California)

Research Interests:
Race and ethnicity; International migration; Culture and identity; Group dynamics; Social network; Research methods

Course(s) Taught:
Selected Publications (For complete list of publications, please view Staff CV.):

"Constituting Co-Ethnic Exploitation: The Economic and Cultural Meanings of Cash-In-Hand Jobs for Ethnic Chinese Migrants in Australia." Critical Sociology 43(6): 919–932.


"When the State Becomes Part of the Exploitation: Migrants' Agency within the Institutional Constraints in Australia." International Migration 54(6): 138–150. (co-authored with Katherine Whitworth)


"'Playing' at the Ethnic Boundary: The Boundary Making/Unmaking among Ethnic Chinese Groups in Australia." Ethnic and Racial Studies 39(4): 671–689.


"Regulating the Market Risks: The Coalitions between Occupational Unions and CSOs in Taiwan." Development and Society 44(2): 295–317