RUAN, Danching (阮丹青)
Ph.D. (Columbia University)

Research Interests:
Social network analysis; Social stratification, Social inequality; Sociology of chinese societies

Course(s) Taught:
3-year Course4-year Course
Selected Publications (For complete list of publications, please view Staff CV.):

定宜莊、阮丹青、楊善華。《大歷史、小人物:黃宗漢與東風電視機廠改革》。香港: 牛津大學出版社。 The Best Years—Oral History Accounts of Huang Zonghan and Beijing East Wind TV Factory's Transformation in the Early Years of China's Economic Reform. Hong Kong: Oxford University Press. (co-authored with Yizhuang Ding, Ruan Danching and Shanhua Yang.) (in Chinese)


“Birds of a Feather—a Study of Social Networks of Mainland Chinese Students in Hong Kong.” American Behavioral Scientist. 59(9): 1100–1114. (co-authored with Shu Zhu)


定宜莊、 阮丹青、楊原。《宣武區消失之前——黃宗漢口述》。北京出版集團。 Beijing's Xuanwu District since 1949— A District Official's Personal Account. Beijing: Beijing Publishing Group. (co-authored with Yizhuang Ding, Ruan Danching and Yuan Yang).(in Chinese)


梁晨、張浩、李蘭、阮丹青、康文林、李中清。《無聲的革命: 北京大學、蘇州大學學生社會來源研究, 1949-2002》。北京: 生活•讀書•新知三聯書店。 Silent Revolution: the Social Origins of Peking University and Soochow University Undergraduates, 1949-2002). Beijing: Joint Publishing. (co-authored with Chen Liang, Hao Zhang, Lan Li, Ruan Danching, Cameron Campbell, and James Lee. ) (in Chinese)