Associate Professor
WONG, Day K.M. (黃結梅)
Ph.D. (Australian National University)

Research Interests:
Gender studies; Sexualities; Chinese feminisms

Course(s) Taught:
3-year Course4-year Course
Selected Publications (For complete list of publications, please view Staff CV.):

“Sexology and the making of sexual subjects in contemporary China.” Journal of Sociology 52 (1): 68-82. 


“Asexuality in China’s Sexual Revolution: Sexless Marriage as Coping Strategy.” Sexualities 18 (1/2): 100-116. 


“Doing Gender, Doing Culture: Division of Domestic Labor among Lesbians in Hong Kong,” Women’s Studies International Forum 35 (4) (Jul-Aug): 266-275.


"Modernization of Power in Legal and Medical Discourses: The Birth of the (Male) Homosexual in Hong Kong and its Aftermath," Journal of Homosexuality, 59 (10): 1403-1423.