(Tang Sai Fan) This camp was quite successful in attracting many participants to choose sociology as their subject in their future university lives.

(Tong Pang Tik) I was glad to see many participants showing an interest in sociology and wanting to know more about it.

(Liu Cheong Kwai) Many participants relished the camp and quite a number of them asked me about sociology.

Three students (Sociology) Joint University Sociology Touch Camp2013

The trip to Dharamsala was unforgettable and I appreciate the hard work of the organisers.

Tong Oi Ning (Sociology and Education (Liberal Studies Teaching)) India Study Tour

I visited Wencheng Middle School and taught two classes. The themes of the lessons were environmental protection, travelling, daring to dream and so on.

Tong Wai Ki (Sociology) Dare to Dream under the Global Community Development Programme (Hangzhou and Xiamen)

Thank you to the Baptist University and the Society of China Studies for giving us a chance to visit mainland China to broaden our horizons.

Van Hiu Wa (Sociology) Fujian and Kinmen Academic Study Trip

This exchange experience not only let me learn about the habits and thinking of the Swedes, but also made me reflect on myself.

Wong Man Suet (Sociology) Exchange Programme (Sweden)

During this service trip, I experienced great hospitality. I also learnt that we can pull through with a strong determination to fight.

Wong Yim Fan (Sociology) Yunnan Service Trip

We were totally immersed in the Hakka Culture. I learnt how to deal with difficulties with a positive attitude while providing free teaching for local primary students. 

Wong Yim Fan (Sociology) Meizhou Psychological Service Trip

The Corporation treated us as guests of honour. I felt flattered.

Wu Kit Yee (China Studies (Sociology)) 2012香港華菁會「神州搵好工」-Nanjing

I not only learnt some EQ knowledge, but also communication and classroom management skills. I was pleased to find that they loved everything we had prepared for them. 

Yee Shu Nga (Sociology) EQ Express (Guilin)

I found that I obtained a lot from the trip, such as meeting many new friends from different faculties at Hong Kong Baptist University, meeting social workers from Across Borders Ltd. and meeting many elderly people.

Yee Shu Nga (Sociology) Hubei Elderly Trip