The Sociology Survey Research Lab was established in 1991. At that time, the Lab had a total of fifteen PCs and was used mainly by the staff of the Department of Sociology for teaching purposes. In the same year, the Department of Sociology received funding from the University to acquire CATI/ci2 (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview), a computer software for conducting telephone survey.


Since 1996, the computing facilities (including both the hardware and software) in the Lab have been upgraded several times with support from the University and the Faculty of Social Sciences. During the AY 1999-2000, with the support of the University and the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, the Department upgraded the software for conducting telephone survey from a DOS version to a more user-friendly Window version. At the present moment, the Lab has twenty-two PCs, two high quality high speed laser printers, and two multi-media systems. Each of the PCs is installed with a modem card and connected to a telephone for quick auto-dialing during the telephone interview. Each PC is also connected to the University Network for quick Library and Internet accesses. The Sociology Survey Research Lab is fully equipped for teaching and for conducting telephone surveys.


Many lecturers of the Department of Sociology hold their classes or tutorials in the Lab to teach their students computing, statistical, demographic and survey research skills.


The Lab has also been used by staff members of Sociology and other departments (e.g., Communication Studies, Education Studies, Government and International Studies, Geography, Physical Education, Journalism and Social Work) to conduct telephone surveys for both academic and non-academic purposes. Particularly, the Department has conducted telephone surveys for various organizations, including the HKBU's School of Continuing Education, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Department of Hotel and Tourism Management, the Department of Environmental Protection of the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Kowloon Women's Organizations Federation, the Federation of Trade Union, the People's Health Action, etc.