Academic Advising / Mentoring Activities Under 4-year Curriculum

Sociology Department has three programme advisors and they are responsible for helping Year 1 students who adopt the broad-based admission, adjust to the university life and choose a suitable major.


Programme(s) Involved Department / Programme Advisors Contact Email (
BSocSc SOC Dr. Chan Kwok Shing 3411-7134 kschan
Dr. Leung Hon Chu 3411-7148 honchu
BA/BSocSc BEd Dr. Leung Hon Chu 3411-7148 honchu
BSocSc China Studies Dr. Matthew Chew 3411-7132 mmtchew
  Dr. Ruan Danching 3411-7120 druan

The Department also annually organizes activities such as Welcoming Party and Information Session for Year 1 students under the broad-based admission scheme. In these activities, students are provided with relevant information about and advice on choosing their Major Study preceding Year 2. The Senior Year Entrants are also invited to attend these activities to learn more about the Department and the programs it offers. 

Students are expected to participate in normally 6-10 hours of academic advising/mentoring activities in a given academic year, preferably the first year.