Research Professor
  1. Classical Sociological Theory and China
  2. Chinese Social Structure
  3. Classical Chinese Thought as Social Theory [including GRF project: ‘Sociological Focus, Chinese Lens: Daodejing as a Philosophical Foundation for Sociology’]

CHAN, Kwok Shing 陳國成
Associate Professor
  1. Property and Chinese Lineage Villages in the New Territories of Hong Kong, 1905-2012. Project Number: HKBU 240813. [read more]
  2. The Making of a New Macau: A Study of Fujianese Immigrants in Macau [commissioned by the Macau Foundation] [read more]
  3. Transnational Pilgrimage, Tourism and Identity Politics: An Anthropological Study of the Cult of Mazu (The Goddess of Heaven). Project Number: HKBU 240210. [read more]

CHEUNG, Adam K.L. 張家樂
Assistant Professor
  1. Gender Difference in STEM Aspiration and Educational Choices in Hong Kong. Funded by The Women’s Foundation. (co-PI, with Dr. Anita Chan)
  2. A Stranger/Helper at Home: An Integrated Framework on Hiring Domestic Help and Family Relations in Hong Kong. ECS. Project Number: HKBU/28603817. (PI)
  3. Family Policies, Social Norms and Fertility Decisions: A Survey Experiment. Public Policy Research Funding Scheme. Project Number: 2017.A5.032.17D. (Co-I, with Dr. Lake Lui)

CHEW, Matthew M.T. 趙明德
Associate Professor
  1. A normative theorization of cyberbullying for interdisciplinary research and an empirical analysis of how the cyberbullying concept is ideologically appropriated in Hong Kong.
  2. Analysis of the ‘undemotic turn’ of celebrity-making in Hong Kong, Project number: FRG2/16-17/099.

CHU, Yin Wah 朱燕華
Associate Professor
  1. Globalization, Democratization, and the Reconfigured Developmental State: South Korea and Taiwan. GRF Project Number: 241308. [read more]

LAI, Gina W.F. 賴蘊寬
Head & Professor
  1. School-to-Work Transition in Urban China: High School Students from Urban Nanjing as a Case Study. Project Number: GRF HKBU245612. [read more]
  2. Pathways and Social Consequences of High School Transition in China: An Exploratory Study of High School Students in Urban Nanjing. Project Number: GRF HKBU2456. [read more]

LEUNG, Hon Chu 梁漢柱
Principal Lecturer
  1. Rebuilding 'Community' as Globalization-from-Below: Community-based Development in a Distressed Hong Kong Neighborhood. Project Number: HKBU2161/03H. [read more]
  2. Action Research on Cross-border Families, their Social Disadvantages and their Coping Strategies. Project Number: HKG-2114-02A. [read more]
  3. Social Resources and Mobility of Chinese Immigrants in Hong Kong: A Pilot Study. Project Number: HKG-2114-02A. [read more]

LI, Yao Tai 李耀泰
Assistant Professor
  1. Spillover Effect and the Grassroots Migrant Workers Movement in Australia
  2. Racial Discrimination on Airbnb
  3. The Boundary Making/Unmaking between the New Mainland Chinese Immigrants and local Hong Kongers

PENG, Yinni 彭銦旎
Associate Professor
  1. When China’s Only Children Become Parents: Gender, Family, and Parenting in Urban Singletons in Post-Reform China [read more]
  2. “Mainland Chinese students’ transition into skilled migrants in Hong Kong.” Project Number: HKBU FRG1/15-16/032. [read more]
  3. Trans-local Parenting: How the Intersection of Social Structure and Individual Agency Reconstructs Parenthood among Migrant Workers in South China. Early Career Scheme (ECS), funded by the UGC. ECS Project Number: HKBU258513. [read more]

RUAN, Danching 阮丹青
  1. Social Capital and Social Inequality - A Study of Rural Migrants in Shanghai. Project Number: HKBU2142/03H. [read more]
  2. Educational Stratification in China - A View from the Top. Project Number: FRG/05-06/I-21, FRG/05-06/II-15, SOX/05-06/CERAS-18 and HKBU 2447/06H. [read more]
  3. Social Capital and Self-employment in Urban China. Project Number: FRG1/12-13/051. [read more]

SUN, Ken C.Y. 孫志硯
Assistant Professor
  1. Aging across Borders: How Older Taiwanese Immigrants and Returnees Manage Care in Daily Lives [read more]
  2. Making Sense of Family Separation: Taiwanese Immigrants in the US and their Aging Parents back Home [read more]
  3. How Family Friendly Policies Shape Parenthood: Comparing the US and Canada (With Dr. Erin Rehel) [read more]

WONG, Day K.M. 黃結梅
Associate Professor
  1. An Exploratory study of "Sexless Marriage' websites in China [read more]
  2. Discourse, Gender, and Sexual Agency in Youth [read more]
  3. Practices of Intimacy and Distancing: Adult Daughters and their Mothers in East Asia. [read more]
  4. Experiences of Male-to-female Transgender People in Workplace and Medical Settings [read more]
  5. Negotiating marriage and sexual identity: A study of Chinese sexual minorities of different genders and socioeconomic statuses [read more]

WONG, Odalia M.H. 黃何明雄
Principal Lecturer
  1. Pathways and Social Consequences of High School Transition in China: An Exploratory Study of High School Students in Urban Nanjing. Project Number: GRF HKBU2456. [read more]