Emeritus Professor
  1. Classical Sociological Theory and China
  2. Chinese Social Structure
  3. Classical Chinese Thought as Social Theory [including GRF project: ‘Sociological Focus, Chinese Lens: Daodejing as a Philosophical Foundation for Sociology’]

CHAN, Kwok Shing 陳國成
Associate Professor
  1. Property and Chinese Lineage Villages in the New Territories of Hong Kong, 1905-2012. Project Number: HKBU 240813. [read more]
  2. The Making of a New Macau: A Study of Fujianese Immigrants in Macau [commissioned by the Macau Foundation] [read more]
  3. Transnational Pilgrimage, Tourism and Identity Politics: An Anthropological Study of the Cult of Mazu (The Goddess of Heaven). Project Number: HKBU 240210. [read more]

CHEUNG, Adam K.L. 張家樂
Assistant Professor
  1. A Stranger/Helper at Home: An Integrated Framework on Hiring Domestic Help and Family Relations in Hong Kong. ECS. Project Number: HKBU/28603817. (PI)
  2. Gender Difference in STEM Aspiration and Educational Choices in Hong Kong. Funded by The Women’s Foundation. (co-PI, with Dr. Anita Chan)
  3. Family Policies, Social Norms and Fertility Decisions: A Survey Experiment. Public Policy Research Funding Scheme. Project Number: 2017.A5.032.17D. (Co-I, with Dr. Lake Lui)

CHEW, Matthew M.T. 趙明德
Associate Professor
  1. Analysis of the ‘undemotic turn’ of celebrity-making in Hong Kong, Project number: FRG2/16-17/099.
  2. A normative theorization of cyberbullying for interdisciplinary research and an empirical analysis of how the cyberbullying concept is ideologically appropriated in Hong Kong.

CHU, Yin Wah 朱燕華
  1. Globalization, Democratization, and the Reconfigured Developmental State: South Korea and Taiwan. GRF Project Number: 241308. [read more]

JIANG, Jin 江晉
Assistant Professor
  1. Staying in the Nest? A Study of Young Adults’ Co-residence with Parents in the United Kingdom, Mainland China and Hong Kong, Early Career Scheme (ECS), funded by University Grant Council (UGC). [read more]
  2. The Greater Bay Area and Career Opportunity for Hong Kong Youth: Integrating Big Data Analysis and Survey Experiments, Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme. [read more]

LAI, Gina W.F. 賴蘊寬
Head & Professor
  1. School-to-Work Transition in Urban China: High School Students from Urban Nanjing as a Case Study. Project Number: GRF HKBU245612. [read more]
  2. Pathways and Social Consequences of High School Transition in China: An Exploratory Study of High School Students in Urban Nanjing. Project Number: GRF HKBU2456. [read more]

LEUNG, Hon Chu 梁漢柱
Principal Lecturer
  1. Rebuilding 'Community' as Globalization-from-Below: Community-based Development in a Distressed Hong Kong Neighborhood. Project Number: HKBU2161/03H. [read more]
  2. Action Research on Cross-border Families, their Social Disadvantages and their Coping Strategies. Project Number: HKG-2114-02A. [read more]
  3. Social Resources and Mobility of Chinese Immigrants in Hong Kong: A Pilot Study. Project Number: HKG-2114-02A. [read more]

LI, Yao Tai 李耀泰
Assistant Professor
  1. Spillover Effect and the Grassroots Migrant Workers Movement in Australia
  2. Racial Discrimination on Airbnb
  3. The Boundary Making/Unmaking between the New Mainland Chinese Immigrants and local Hong Kongers

PENG, Yinni 彭銦旎
Associate Professor
  1. When China’s Only Children Become Parents: Gender, Family, and Parenting in Urban Singletons in Post-Reform China [read more]
  2. “Mainland Chinese students’ transition into skilled migrants in Hong Kong.” Project Number: HKBU FRG1/15-16/032. [read more]
  3. Trans-local Parenting: How the Intersection of Social Structure and Individual Agency Reconstructs Parenthood among Migrant Workers in South China. Early Career Scheme (ECS), funded by the UGC. ECS Project Number: HKBU258513. [read more]

RUAN, Danching 阮丹青
  1. Social Capital and Social Inequality - A Study of Rural Migrants in Shanghai. Project Number: HKBU2142/03H. [read more]
  2. Educational Stratification in China - A View from the Top. Project Number: FRG/05-06/I-21, FRG/05-06/II-15, SOX/05-06/CERAS-18 and HKBU 2447/06H. [read more]
  3. Social Capital and Self-employment in Urban China. Project Number: FRG1/12-13/051. [read more]

WONG, Day K.M. 黃結梅
Associate Professor
  1. An Exploratory study of "Sexless Marriage' websites in China [read more]
  2. Discourse, Gender, and Sexual Agency in Youth [read more]
  3. Practices of Intimacy and Distancing: Adult Daughters and their Mothers in East Asia. [read more]
  4. Experiences of Male-to-female Transgender People in Workplace and Medical Settings [read more]
  5. Negotiating marriage and sexual identity: A study of Chinese sexual minorities of different genders and socioeconomic statuses [read more]

WONG, Odalia M.H. 黃何明雄
Principal Lecturer
  1. Pathways and Social Consequences of High School Transition in China: An Exploratory Study of High School Students in Urban Nanjing. Project Number: GRF HKBU2456. [read more]