Research Interests:
Gender and migration; Forced migration; Sociology of morality; Sociology of consumption; Narrative research

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Ph.D (The University of Hong Kong)

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Refereed journal articles

Ham, J. & Gheorghiu, I. (forthcoming). 'Scripting pragmatic intimacies in sex work, migration and intimate-material exchanges'. Culture, Health and Sexuality

Lau, P. Y. F. & Gheorghiu, I. (2018). 'Vanishing Selves: Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong', Cultural Diversity in China, Special Issue, 1-15

Gheorghiu, I. (2011). "Truth or Story or True Story: The Self in the Interview Situation". Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology, 2(2), 33-48 

Manuscripts in preparation

Gheorghiu, I. & Tse, T. "Moralizing Consumption through practice: The Pursuit of "the Good Life" through Dress Consumption in Post-socialist China and Romania".

Ham, J. & Gheorghiu, I. "Race and the Management of Migrant Sexualities in Hong Kong" (book chapter, Routledge)

Coming soon.