Research Interests:
Race and ethnicity; International migration; Culture and identity; Group dynamics; Social network; Research methods

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Assistant Professor
LI, Yao Tai (李耀泰)
Ph.D. (University of California)

The main line of my research is at the intersection of race and ethnic relations, international migration, social networks, and identity politics across borders. It is a book manuscript project that based on my dissertation, titled: “Making and Unmaking Chinese-ness: The Formation and Decline of Overseas Chinese Identity in Australia.” This research investigates the relationship between national politics and migrants’ ethnic identities, contested Chinese culture across borders, and the assimilation experiences of both long-term and temporary Chinese migrants in Australia. In a secondary line of the research, I will draw the data from Twitter concerning racial discrimination on Airbnb, this research aims to advance the understanding of the forms and meanings of racial discrimination on Airbnb over time. A third line of my research will examine group interaction experiences of Hong Kongers and new immigrants (from China and other countries) who live in public rental housing in Hong Kong.

2017 Start-up Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University
2015–16 Dissertation Fellowship for ROC Students Abroad, Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange
2015 Australian Government Endeavour Research Fellowship
2014 Next Generation Sociologists Grant, ISA World Congress of Sociology
2014 International Graduate Student Travel Grant, East-West Center, Honolulu
2013 Travel Grant, The University Service Centre for China Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2012–13 IICAS Graduate Travel Grant Award, UCSD
2011–13 Fulbright Graduate Study Grants
2011–14 Government Scholarship for Studying Abroad, Ministry of Education, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Journal Articles

2017 Li, Yao-Tai. "Constituting Co-Ethnic Exploitation: The Economic and Cultural Meanings of Cash-In-Hand Jobs for Ethnic Chinese Migrants in Australia." Critical Sociology 43(6): 919–932.
2016 Li, Yao-Tai and Katherine Whitworth. "When the State Becomes Part of the Exploitation: Migrants’ Agency within the Institutional Constraints in Australia." International Migration 54(6): 138–150.
2016 Li, Yao-Tai. "‘Playing’ at the Ethnic Boundary: The Boundary Making/Unmaking among Ethnic Chinese Groups in Australia." Ethnic and Racial Studies 39(4): 671–689.
2015 Li, Yao-Tai. "Regulating the Market Risks: The Coalitions between Occupational Unions and CSOs in Taiwan." Development and Society 44(2): 295–317.

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