Course Codesort ascending Course Title
SOCI3007 Global Social Transformations view
SOCI3005 Sociological Theory II: Contemporary Approaches view
SOCI2047 Hong Kong Society view
SOCI2046 Introduction to Sociological Thinking and Writing view
SOCI2045 Urban Sociology view
SOCI2037 Unity and Diversity: The Making of Chinese Culture and Society view
SOCI2036 Sociology of Marriage and the Family view
SOCI2035 Social Inequalities view
SOCI2027 Social Problems view
SOCI2025 Population and Social Issues view
SOCI2017 Popular Culture and Society view
SOCI2016 Modern Chinese Society view
SOCI2015 Sociological Theory I: Classical Theory view
SOCI2007 Quantitative Methods of Social Research view
SOCI2006 Social Statistics view
SOCI2005 Qualitative Methods of Social Research view
SOCI1005 Invitation to Sociology view
SOC7600 East Asia: Economic Miracles and Social Change view
SOC7590 Popular Culture and Society in Contemporary China view
SOC7580 Gender in Contemporary China (Old title: Women in China) view
SOC7570 Chinese Family and Kinship view
SOC7560 Sociological Issues in Urban and Rural Development view
SOC7540 Chinese Social Demography (Previous code SOC4540) view
SOC7530 Graduate Seminar on Contemporary Social Issues in China (Previous code SOC4530) view
SOC7510 Social Networks in the Contemporary Chinese Society (Previous code SOC4510) view
SOC7320 Health Inequalities in a Global Context view
SOC7310 Globalization and Development: Visions and Issues view
SOC7101-8 Research Seminar for Doctoral Students view
SOC7020 Advanced Seminar on Contemporary Sociological Issues (Previous code SOC4020) view
SOC7010 Theory, Methodology and Practice in Sociology (Previous code SOC4010) view