The internship programme reminded me that art reflects the aspirations of society and that society is also a platform for presenting art.

Ho Sze Wing (Sociology) Metropolitan Attachment Programme (Taiwan)

This internship enhanced my understanding of marketing research and I learnt a lot from it.

Kam Wing Ho (Sociology) Metropolitan Attachment Programme (Shanghai)

Although they have suffered from disaster, they were always showing their smiling faces. I had almost forgotten that a smile is the source of happiness. The pain of the past is so distressing, but if we can face it bravely, a better life will follow.

Kwok Oi Lam (Sociology) Positive Psychology Express 2011-12, Service Trip (Sichuan)

My colleagues came from Brazil, Columbia, Spain, England, the USA, etc. It was amazing to share cultural exchanges with them. This is the best summer I have ever had.

Kwong Wan Yee (Sociology and Education (Liberal Studies Teaching)) Global Y’s Trainee Programme 2012, YMCA (USA)

During these seven days, I learnt many environmentally friendly ideas and the skills of co-operation, leadership and goal-setting strategies. This training programme was meaningful and useful for my personal development. 

Kwong Wan Yee (Sociology and Education (Liberal Studies Teaching)) Outward Bound Training

I was most impressed by the parents in Hunan. They patiently accompanied their children while playing games at the carnival and helped us to teach them the meaning behind the games. 

Kwong Wan Yee (Sociology and Education (Liberal Studies Teaching)) Psychology Express (Hunan)

I loved handling the archives in the historical building, through which I felt a stronger connection to history and my work commitments.

Lai Ching Shan (China Studies (Sociology)) Internship Programme (Local)

The trip let me learn more about the living situations of migrant workers’ families and the study environment of students in Guangzhou. It thus enhanced my understanding of today’s China.

Lam Chung Yuen (China Studies (Sociology)) Guangzhou Joint-University Services Trip

These seven days were full of joy and satisfaction. To me, everything was new and meaningful. It was the first time I delivered a speech in Putonghua. As a whole, this trip broadened my horizons. It also enabled me to recognise the development of Chinese agricultural systems and the change in people’s ways of life.

Lam Chung Yuen (China Studies (Sociology)) Wofoo Henan Service Trip

The internship at FTHK let me understand that there are a lot of resources available in society for us to learn more about the world around us. Therefore, we should treasure our chances to learn more about our society and we should be more observant.

Lam Pui Tan (Sociology and Education (Liberal Studies Teaching)) Social Sciences Summer Internship Programme (Local)