LEUNG, Hon Chu 梁漢柱

Principal Lecturer

Ph.D. (Duke University)

Research Interests:

Work and labour; Careers and life courses; Immigration and citizenship; Urban communities; Social movements

Leung Hon Chu has a broad range of teaching and research interests, and his research work focuses mainly on social divisions and changes in Hong Kong. He believes in a sociology that reflects on its role in society and is interested in pursuing context-sensitive research that resonates with local experiences at the same time as it is intelligible to international scholars. He has researched and published on industrial organizations and working conditions, migration and citizenship, cross-border families, community organizations, the politics of language use, and career experiences of young people in Hong Kong. His most recent research deals with (1) the social dynamics pertaining to the normalization of inadequate housing in Hong Kong and (2) the patterns of inequalities and mobilities associated with non-standard forms of work.

"Changing Social Composition of Subdivided Unit Production and Consumption." (Faculty Research Grant, HKBU, 2016-2018. Principal Investigator: Prof. Tang Wing Shing, Co-Investigators: Dr. Fung Kwok Kin & Dr. Leung Hon Chu).

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Journal Articles

梁灝文、梁漢柱 “多元流動與自主生活:香港非標準就業青年的流動策略” «青年研究學報», 第二十卷,第二期 (2017):85-95。
Leung Ho Man & Leung Hon Chu. “Diversified Mobilities and Autonomy: Mobility Strategies of Youth in Nonstandard Employment in Hong Kong” Journal of Youth Studies, 20.2 (2017): 85-95.

梁漢柱 羅景強 關梓傑 “流動 、紀律、與不安:香港年輕人的職業生涯經驗” «青年研究學報», 第十九卷 第二期 (2016): 55-61。
Leung Hon Chu, Law King Keung and Kwan Chi Kit “Mobility, Discipline, and Insecurity: Career Experiences of Youth in Hong Kong” Journal of Youth Studies 19.2 (2016): 55-61.

Book Chapters

梁漢柱. 2014. “廣東話與香港社區組織” 粵語的政治 文潔華 編。 香港中文大學出版社:171-183。
Leung, Hon-Chu. 2014. “Cantonese and Community Organization in Hong Kong.” P. 171-183 in The Politics of Cantonese, edited by Man Kit-wah. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press

Leung, Hon-Chu. 2013. “Contests over Community: A Community Organization in Hong Kong.” P. 164-176 in The Transforming Asian Cities, edited by Nihal Perera & Wing-Shing Tang. New York: Routledge.

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