WONG, Odalia M.H. 黃何明雄

Principal Lecturer

Ph.D. (University of Chicago)

Research Interests:

Marriage and family; Aging; Social demography; Social networks; Gender studies

Dr. Odalia M. H. Wong is a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Her teaching and research interests include marriage and family, family eldercare, population studies and gender studies. Her current research is on the youth transition in China.

2015 Lai, Gina (PI), Odalia Wong, Jing Song, and Feng Xiaotian "School-to-Work Transition in Urban China: High School Students from Urban Nanjing as a Case Study." GRF (12403814)
Duration: January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2017
2014 Sivan, Atara (PI), Vicky Tam, Dennis Chan, Allen Leung, Daphe Mah, Chaudhuri Tushar, Loretta Kim, Chow Bik Chu, Shirley Hung, Odalia M.H. Wong, and Shroff Ronnie Homi "Development of Teaching Portfolio Framework through a Multidisciplinary Community of Practice." CoP/1314/04
Duration: January 1, 2014 – June 30, 2016
2013 Peng, Yinni (PI), Susanne Choi, and Odalia Wong "Trans-local Parenting: How the Intersection of Social Structure and Individual Agency Reconstructs Parenthood among Migrant Workers in South China." ECS (258513)
Duration: September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2016
2013 Lai, Gina (PI), Odalia Wong, Jing Song, and Feng Xiaotian "Pathways and Social Consequences of High School Transition in China: An Exploratory Study of High School Students in Urban Nanjing." GRF
Duration: January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2015
2012 Sivan, Atara (PI), Vicky Tam, Petrus Ng, Yeung Siu Wing, Loie Lobo, and Odalia M.H. Wong "Building Learning Community through a Transdisciplinary Multi-layered Approach." SDF12-0629-P02
Duration: September 2012 – May 2016
2011 Lai, Gina, Odalia M.H. Wong and Feng Xiao Tian "Educational Transition of High School Students in Contemporary Urban China: A Study in Urban Nanjing." FRG2/11-12/033
Study completed in 2013
2011 Wong, Odalia M.H. (PI) and Yinni Peng "Relationship Between Transnational Mothers and Actual Care-takers in the Construction of Transnational Motherhood." FRG2/11-12/035
Study completed in 2013
2010 Wong, Odalia M.H and Peng Yinni "Virtual Motherhood: How Do Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong Fulfill Their Maternal Duties by Mobile Phone Usage?" FRG1/09-10/055
Study completed in 2011.
2009 Lai, Gina, Odalia M.H. Wong and Lai Wing Sze "Utilization of Chinese Medicine Services in Hong Kong." FRG1/09-10/001
Study completed in 2010.
2005 Wong, Odalia M.H. "Intergenerational Eldercare Networks in Hong Kong: Structure, Characteristics, and Impacts on Caregivers and Care-receivers." FRG/04-05/II-73
Study completed in 2008.
2003 Wong, Odalia M.H. "Intergenerational Eldercare Networks in Hong Kong: Structure, Characteristics, and Impacts on Caregivers and Care-receivers." FRG/03-04/I-30
Study completed in 2006.
2003 Wong, Odalia M.H. (PI) and Beatrice Chau "Perceptions of Caring Older Family members in Hong Kong: Patterns and Determinants." FRG/02-03/II-56
Study completed in 2005
2002 Lai, Gina (PI), Ruan Dan Ching and Odalia M.H. Wong "Social Networks and Marital Power: A Cross-Sectional Study in Hong Kong."
RGC Reference: HKBU2032/02H
2000 Wong, Odalia M.H. (PI) and Beatrice Chau "Informal Caregivers for the Elderly: Problems and Perspectives." FRG/00-01/I-01
Study completed in 2001.
1999 Lai, Gina (PI) and Odalia M.H. Wong "Focus Group Study of the Status of Married Daughters in their Natal Families." A small funding from Professor Yi Chin-Chun of the Academia Sinica of Taiwan.
Study completed in 1999.
1997 Lai, Gina (PI) and Odalia M.H. Wong "Interpersonal Network and Information Flow: An Exploratory Study in Hong Kong." FRG/97-98/I-13 (30-97-113)
Study completed in 1998.
1995 Wong, Odalia M.H. (PI) and Linda J. Waite "A Study of the Determinants of Marital Timing of Women in Hong Kong." RGC/95-96/37
Study completed in 1999.
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Journal Articles

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