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CHAN, Kwok Shing 陳國成

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Research Interests:

Chinese family and kinship; Anthropology of welfare; Property management and transfer practice; Tourism

I received training in anthropology in Hong Kong and U.K. with focus on Chinese culture and society. I am interested in: (1) the development of Chinese lineages and the value of agnatic kinship in rural Hong Kong under British colonial rule; (2) Mazu pilgrimage, tourism and identity politics in the context and framework of a Taiwan-Macau-China triadic pattern of religious connection/exchange; and (3) Chinese customary mortgage practices in Hong Kong and Taiwan under colonial administration.


Expertise related to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):

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From Aug-2019 to Aug-2024 "《食盆—香港非物質文化遺產的歷史沿流、文化內涵與傳承》" the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office (the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR). As Co-PI. HKD $1,480,000.
From Jan-2018 to Aug-2018 "Chinese Customary Mortgage Practices in Taiwan Under Japanese
Colonial Rule, 1895-1945" Faculty Research Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University (Ref. No. FRG1/17-18/029). As PI. HKD $49,247.
From May-2015 to May-2017 "Colonial Rule and Moneylending Activities in the New Territories of Hong Kong." Faculty Research Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University (Ref. No. FRG1/15-16/036). As PI. HKD $49,902.
From Jan-2014 to Dec-2015 "Property and Chinese Lineage Villages in the New Territories of Hong Kong, 1905-2012." General Research Fund, UGC. (Ref. No. 240813). As PI. HKD $797,060.
From Sep-2011 to Dec-2012 "建構新澳門: 澳門的福建籍新移民研究. The Making of a New Macau: A Study of Fujianese Immigrants in Macau" 澳門基金會委託 The Macau Foundation. As PI. HKD $250,000.
From Jan-2011 to Dec-2013 "Transnational Pilgrimage, Tourism and Identity Politics: An Anthropological Study of the Cult of Mazu (The Goddess of Heaven)." General Research Fund, UGC. (Ref. No. 240210). As PI. HKD $435,678.
From Sep-2010 to May-2011 "Mortgage and Loans in Chinese Villages in Rural Hong Kong, 1900-1950s." Faculty Research Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University (Ref. No. FRG1/10-11/004). As PI. HKD $49,967.
From Oct-2009 to Mar-2010 "Housing and Identity in Chinese Lineage Villages in Hong Kong." Faculty Research Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University. (Ref No. FRG1/08-09/052). As PI. HKD $59,974.
(For complete list of publications, please view Staff CV.)

(i) books



A Localized Culture of Welfare: Entitlements, Stratification, and Identity in a Chinese Village. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington.




朗文新高中通識教育: 現代中國》(與胡敦霞、梁懿雯、鄭紀原、陳炳文合著), 朗文香港教育, 284頁。


朗文新高中通識教育: 中華文化與現代生活》(與鄭紀原合著), 朗文香港教育, 168頁。


Longman New Senior Liberal Studies: Chinese Culture and Modern Life, co-authored with Cheng Kei Yuen. Longman Hong Kong Education, 167 pages.


(ii) book chapters and journal articles


Attractiveness of a Religious Theme Site: The A-Ma Cultural Village in Macau, China. International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, 8(8):12-29. 


「粉嶺圍彭氏宗族女性的財產權益」, 文載《香港地區史研究之三:粉嶺》增訂版, 陳國成主編, 三聯書店(香港)出版, 頁177-187.


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Women’s Property Rights in a Chinese Lineage Village. Modern China, 39(1), 101-128.


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(iii) Edited Volume


街角. 巷尾屋. 路環人》 澳門旅遊學院編輯, 陳國成編審. 香港培生出版, 151頁(The Street Scenes, Alley Houses and People of Coloane, compiled by the Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao; edited by Chan Kwok Shing.

Pearson Hong Kong, 151 pages).

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Chan Kwok Shing. Guangxi Normal University Press, 346 pages).

2007 宗教.信仰與想像》陳國成. 游子安合編. 香港城市大學出版社, 178頁(Religion, Belief and Imagination, edited by Chan Kwok Shing and Yau Chi On. City University of Hong Kong, 178 pages).

香港地區史研究之三:粉嶺》陳國成編著. 三聯書店(香港)出版, 217 頁

(Fanling: A Series of Hong Kong Regional Study: No. 3. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing Company Limited, 217 pages).








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