CHAN, Kwok Shing 陳國成

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Research Interests:

Chinese family and kinship; Anthropology of welfare; Property management and transfer practice; Tourism

I received training in anthropology in Hong Kong and U.K. with focus on Chinese culture and society. I am interested in: (1) the development of Chinese lineages and the value of agnatic kinship in rural Hong Kong under British colonial rule; (2) Mazu pilgrimage, tourism and identity politics in the context and framework of a Taiwan-Macau-China triadic pattern of religious connection/exchange; and (3) Chinese customary mortgage practices in Hong Kong and Taiwan under colonial administration.

2014-2016 Property and Chinese Lineage Villages in the New Territories of Hong Kong, 1905-2012. General Research Fund, UGC. (Ref. No. 240813) (Principle Investigator). Granted amount: HK$ 797,060.
2011-2012 建構新澳門: 澳門的福建籍新移民研究. (澳門基金會委託) [The  Making of a New Macau: A Study of Fujianese Immigrants in Macau—commissioned by the Macau Foundation] (Principal Investigator). Granted amount: HK$ 250,000.
2011-2012 Transnational Pilgrimage, Tourism and Identity Politics: An Anthropological Study of the Cult of Mazu (The Goddess of Heaven). General Research Fund, UGC. (Ref. No. 240210) (Principle Investigator). Granted amount: HK$435,678.
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Journal Articles


Chan, Kwok-Shing (2020). Attractiveness of a Religious Theme Site: The A-Ma Cultural Village in Macau, China. International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, 8/8. 12-29. 


Chan, Kwok-Shing (2016). Mortgage in a Chinese Lineage Village in Rural Hong Kong: Patterns and Characteristics. Australian Journal of Accounting, Economics and Finance, 2/1. 33-48.


Chan, Kwok-Shing (2015). The Regulation of Customary Practices under Colonial Administration: Kinship and Mortgages in a Hong Kong Village. China Information, 29/3. 377-396.


Chan, Kwok-Shing (2013). Women’s Property Rights in a Chinese Lineage Village. Modern China, 39/1. 101-128.


Chan, Kwok-Shing (2011). Traditionality and Hybridity: A Village Cuisine in Metropolitian Hong Kong. Visual Anthropology, 24/1. 171-188.




Chan, Kwok-Shing (2012)A Localized Culture of Welfare: Entitlements, Stratification, and Identity in a Chinese Village. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington.


Book Chapters


Chan, Kwok-Shing (2016).「導言: 滄海桑田的路環」, 文載《街角人. 巷尾事. 路環》, 澳門旅遊學 院編輯, 陳國成編審, 香港培生出版, 頁VII-IX. (“Introduction: Passage of Coloane”, in The Street Scenes, Alley Houses and People of Coloane, compiled by the Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, edited by Chan Kwok Shing. pp.VII-IX. Pearson Hong Kong.


Chan, Kwok-Shing (2015). 「宗教節慶與文化產業:澳門媽祖文化旅遊節」, 文載《媽祖信仰與華人的海洋世界》, 澳門中華媽祖基金會編輯及出版, 頁420-432. (“Religious Festivals and Cultural Industry: A-Ma Culture and Tourism Festival in Macau”, in Mazu Belief and the Ocean World of Chinese, the A-Ma Foundation of Macau, pp.420-432. The A-Ma Foundation of Macau.

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