LAI, Gina W.F. 賴蘊寬

Head & Professor

PhD (State University of New York at Albany)

Research Interests:

Social networks; Gender studies; Mental health

My major interests in sociology include social networks, gender, health, and inequality. My previous research has focused on social networks in relation to status attainment, marriage, and psychological well-being, which has been supported by research grants from Research Grants Council of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University. I have two ongoing research projects. The first project is a panel study of high school students in urban Nanjing which examines the interactive roles of family and school in the educational and labor market processes, and associated impacts on the social and psychological well-being of young people in urban China. The second project investigates the impacts of digital technology on interpersonal relationships. I teach SOCI2007 Quantitative Methods of Social Research, SOCI2035 Social Inequalities, SOCI3017 Health and Society, and SOCI4055 Women in China.

“School-to-Work Transition in Urban China: High School Students from Urban Nanjing as a Case Study”, GRF (HKBU12403814), Research Grants Council, HK$479,000, January 1, 2015 – June 30, 2018, PI: Gina Lai; Co-I: Odalia Wong, Jing Song, Xiaotian Feng.


“Console Gaming and Social Network”, FRG-II (FRG2/15-16/090), Hong Kong Baptist University, HK$99,940, July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2018, PI: Gina Lai.


“Pathways and Social Consequences of High School Transition in China: An Exploratory Study of High School Students in Urban Nanjing” GRF (HKBU32-12-456), Research Grants Council, HK$398,610, January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2014, PI: Gina Lai; Co-I: Odalia Wong, Jing Song, and Feng Xiaotian.

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Journal Articles

Song, Jing, Gina Lai, Odalia Wong, and Xiaotian Feng. Forthcoming. “Staying Connected with ICT Tools: Tracking Youth Respondents in a Chinese Context.” The Journal of Chinese Sociology.


Lai, Gina, Odalia Wong, Song Jing, and Feng Xiaotian. 2016. “Transition to Higher Education in Contemporary China: A Study of High School Graduates in Urban Nanjing.” Journal of Sociology 52:83-102.


Lai, Gina, Odalia Wong, Xiaotian Feng. 2015. “Family, School and Access to Social Capital among High School Students in Urban Nanjing.” American Behavioral Scientist 59(8):946-960.

Yao, Lu, Danching Ruan, and Gina Lai. 2013. “Social Capital and Economic Integration of Migrants in Urban China.” Social Networks 35:357-369.


Lai, Gina and Rance P.L. Lee. 2006. “Market Reforms and Psychological Distress in Urban Beijing.” International Sociology 21:551-579.

Book Chapters


Lai, Gina. 2014. “Social Support and Illness.” Pp. 2193-2195, in Wiley Cockerham, William C., Robert Dingwall, and Stella R. Quah (eds.), The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior, and Society. NJ: John Wiley & Sons.


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賴蘊寬,2008,〈中國經濟改革與女性就業:國家、市場和性別的關係〉(Market Reforms and Women’s Employment in China: The Relationships among State, Market, and Gender),《持續與變遷︰當代中國的政經、社會和空間發展》(香港︰香港教育圖書公司) ,頁140-176。


Lai, Gina. 2008. “Marriage, Gender, and Social Capital.” Pp. 342-363, in Lin, Nan and Bonnie H. Erickson (eds.), Social Capital: An International Research Program. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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