PENG, Yinni 彭銦旎

Associate Professor

Ph.D (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Research Interests:

Migration; Gender & Family; Social Media; Labor Politics; Qualitative Research Methods

Dr. Yinni Peng works on migration, family and gender, new media, and labor politics. She is the coauthor of Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family, and Gender in China (2016, University of California Press). Her research was published in Gender & SocietyThe China QuarterlyHuman RelationsSex RolesJournal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesPopulationSpace and PlaceJournal of Contemporary China etc. Between 2017 and 2019, she served as an editorial board member of Gender & Society. From 2019, she is serving as an editorial board member of Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

2019-22  Principal Investigator. “When China’s Only Children Become Parents: Gender, Family, and Parenting in Urban Singletons in Post-Reform China.” GRF (HKBU 12605218), funded by UGC.

2016-17  Principal Investigator. “Mainland Chinese students’ transition into skilled migrants in Hong Kong.” Faculty Research Grant, FRG1/15-16/032, Hong Kong Baptist University.

2014-17  Principal Investigator. “Trans-local parenting: How the intersection of social structure and individual agency reconstructs parenthood among migrant workers in South China.” Early Career Scheme (ECS:HKBU 258513), funded by the University Grants Committee, Hong Kong.

2014-15  Principal Investigator. “Student migration and telecommunication: Mainland Chinese students and their ICT usage in Hong Kong.” Faculty Research Grant, FRG1/13-14/045, Hong Kong Baptist University.

2012-15  Co-Investigator. “Masculinities in transition: Comparing the construction of gender identities among male migrants in the manufacturing, service and construction sector.” General Research Fund (GRF: CUHK 442512), funded by the University Grants Committee, Hong Kong.

2011-12  Co-Investigator. “Relationship between transnational mothers and actual care-takers in the construction of transnational motherhood.” Faculty Research Grant, FRG 2/11-12/035, Hong Kong Baptist University

2010-11  Co-Investigator. “Virtual motherhood: how do migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong fulfill their maternal duties by mobile phone usage? ” Faculty Research Grant, Faculty Research Grant, FRG1/09-10/055, Hong Kong Baptist University

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Scholarly Book

Choi, Susanne Y.P. and Yinni Peng. 2016. Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family and Gender in China. Oakland: University of California Press. (The Winner of the 2018 Best Book, RC 31Sociology of Migration, International Sociological Association)

蔡玉萍,彭铟旎。2019. 《男性妥协:中国的城乡迁移、家庭和性别》。北京:三联书店。【三联书店2019年度十本好书 (副刊)】

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Peng, Yinni. 2019. “Should We Have a Second Child? Reproductive Decisions and Family Negotiation under China’s Two-child Policy.” Journal of Contemporary China, DOI: 10.1080/10670564.2019.1704998 (online first).

 Peng, Yinni. 2019. “From Migrant Student to Migrant Employee: Three Models of the School-to-Work Transition of Mainland Chinese in Hong Kong.” Population, Space and Place, DOI: 10.1002/psp.2283 (online first).

Peng, Yinni. 2019. “Getting Rural Migrant Children into School in South China: Migrant Agency and Parenting.” Asian Population Studies, Vol.15(2): 172-189.

Peng, Yinni. 2018. “Bringing Children to the Cities: Gendered Migrant Parenting and the Family Dynamics of Rural-Urban Migrants in China.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2018.1510308 (Online first)

Peng, Yinni. 2018. “Migrant Mothering in Transition: A Qualitative Study of the Maternal Narratives and Practices of Two Generations of Rural-Urban Migrant Mothers in Southern China.” Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 79(1-2): 16-35.

彭铟旎,黄何明雄。2018. “信息沟通技术与母职:一项关于香港菲佣的实证研究。”《家庭与性别评论》,第7期.

Peng, Yinni. 2016. “Student migration and polymedia: Mainland Chinese students’ communication media use in Hong Kong.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 42(14): 2395-2412.

Peng, Yinni and Odalia M.H. Wong. 2016. “Who takes care of my left-behind children? Migrant mothers and caregivers in transnational child care.” Journal of Family Issues, Vol. 37(14): 2021-2044.

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Peng, Yinni and Susanne Y.P. Choi. 2013. “Mobile phone usage among migrant factory workers in South China: Technologies of power and resistance.” The China Quarterly, Vol. 215: 553-571.

Peng, Yinni and Odalia M.H. Wong. 2012. “Mothering from afar: Filipina domestic workers and their ICTs usage in Hong Kong.” Chinese Journal of Sociology, Vol. 32(2): 199-222.

彭铟旎. 2011. “辞工:民工荒背景下的新型劳资冲突。”《中国研究》, 秋季卷,总第14期,61-82页。

Peng, Yinni. 2010. “Exit: Power struggles in a time of labor shortage in South China.” Social Transformations in Chinese Societies, Vol.6, No.1:94-119.

Peng, Yinni. 2008. "Internet use of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta." Knowledge, Technology, and Policy, Vol. 21:47-54.

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Law, Pui-lam, and Yinni Peng. 2005. "Téléphone mobile et vie sociale des travailleurs émigrés en Chine du sud." Réseaux: Communication-Technologie-Société, 23: 45-67.

Book Chapters

Peng, Yinni and Rodney W.C. Chu. 2012. "The mobile phone usage in Chinese society." Pp. 189-201 in Mobile Communication and Greater China, edited by Rodney W.C. Chu, Leopoldina Fortunati, Pui-lam Law, and Shanhua Yang. London: Routledge.

Peng, Yinni. 2012. “Internet use of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta.” In New Connectivities in China: Virtual, Actual and Local Interactions, edited by Law Pui-lam, New York, N.Y: Springer, pp. 95-104. (Reprinted, first published in Knowledge, Technology and Policy)

Law, Pui-lam, and Yinni Peng. 2008. "Mobile communication, mobile networks: Migrant workers in Southern China." Pp. 55-65 in Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies, edited by James E. Katz. Cambridge, M.A.: The MIT Press.

彭铟旎. 2008.“非正式规则:珠江三角洲新一代流动民工的行为策略.” 《城乡日常生活:一种社会学分析》. 杨善华主编. 北京: 社会科学文献出版社. 47-82 页.

Law, Pui-lam, and Yinni Peng. 2007. "Cellphones and the social lives of migrant workers in Southern China." Pp. 126-142 in The Social Construction and Usage of Communication Technologies: Asian and European Experiences, edited by Raul Pertierra. Diliman, Quezon City: The University of the Philippines Press.

Invited Book Reviews

Peng, Yinni. 2019. “The Cosmopolitan Dream: Transnational Chinese Masculinities in a Global Age”, by Derek Hird and Geng Song, China Review International, vol. 24(3): 209-212.

Peng, Yinni. 2019. “Choosing Daughters: Family Change in Rural China”, by Lihong Shi, Pacific Affairs, vol. 92(2): 324-325.

Peng, Yinni. 2017. “Building China: Informal work and the new precariat”, by Saran Swider, American Journal of Sociology, vol. 122 (4): 1319-1321. 

Peng, Yinni. 2013. “Technomobility in China: Young migrant women and mobile phones”, by Cara Wallis, The China Quarterly, Vol. 215: 776-778.


2018  Best Work Award of RC 31 Sociology of Migration, International Sociological Association (Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family and Gender in China)

External Service

2017-2019, editorial board member, Gender & Society

2019-now, editorial board member, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies