AGBLEVOR Emelia Afi (PhD)_0

AGBLEVOR, Emelia Afi

Ph.D Student

Emelia Afi Agblevor is a PhD Sociology student, from Ghana, specializing in Medical Sociology. She earned her MPhil degree in Sociology as well as her B.A degree (Sociology and Classical History) from the University of Ghana. Her MPhil thesis was on “Self-medication Practices among Families in Accra”. Building on this research, her PhD work focuses on “Self-medication with Body-enhancing Medicines”, under the supervision of Professor Gina Lai. Emelia has a keen interest in the evolution of self-medication practices in Ghana especially within the context of the increasing accessibility to the internet and social media applications in Africa as well as the interrelations of the phenomenon to gender and social capital. During her MPhil studies, Emelia was attached to the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research at the University of Ghana where she gained hands-on experience with various data collection and analyses tools. She also has done some mainstream journalism work and as a result is very passionate about improving how academics communicate their research to the broader society for a stronger impact.

JIANG Shengnan

JIANG, Shengnan 蔣胜男

Ph.D Student

JIANG Shengnan is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Sociology. She specializes in social networks and economic sociology. She holds an M.SocSc. Degree in Contemporary China Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University, and an in Sociology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her current interests are digital economic practices between Hong Kong and Mainland China. At this stage, her empirical analysis deals with the life insurance industry in Hong Kong. She investigates the influence of social media on social network development in facilitating cross-border life insurance transactions. Her research will be mainly conducted with qualitative methods.

LIU Ying

LIU, Ying 劉瑩

M.Phil. Student

LIU Ying is a full-time MPhil student at HKBU. She received her M.Sc degree in Economics from Germany. Her research topic focuses on gender and social capital. She is also interested in other fields including income equality and politics.  

Elizabeth ODOI

ODOI, Elizabeth

Ph.D Student

Elizabeth holds a master of philosophy degree in Sociology from the University of Ghana. Her master thesis investigated ideal mate selection in Accra. Her current research interest lies in  the performance of pregnancy and motherhood by women in Ghana, She is specifically interested in how women navigate and negotiate both global and local discourses surrounding pregnancy and motherhood.