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Core Courses


Invitation to Sociology
SOCI2005 Qualitative Methods of Social Research
SOCI2006 Social Statistics
SOCI2007 Quantitative Methods of Social Research
SOCI2015 Sociological Theory I: Classical Theory
SOCI2046 Introduction to Sociological Thinking and Writing
SOCI3005 Sociological Theory II: Contemporary Approaches


Double-Counting GE Capstone Courses

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SOCI4898-9 Honours Project
SOCI4066 Chinese Nationalism and Identity Politics
SOCI4065 Chinese Entrepreneurship and Overseas Chinese in the Global Context
SOCI4057 China’s Social Classes under Economic Reform
SOCI4056 States and Power: Europe and China
SOCI4055 Gender in Contemporary China
SOCI4047 Sociological Issues in Urban and Rural Development
SOCI4046 Social Networks and Chinese Society
SOCI4045 Social Movements
SOCI4037 Cultural Sociology
SOCI4036 Selected Topics in the Sociology of China II
SOCI4035 Selected Topics in the Sociology of China I
SOCI4027 Selected Topics in Contemporary Sociology II
SOCI4026 Selected Topics in Contemporary Sociology I
SOCI4017 Management, Organization and Society
SOCI4016 Globalization
SOCI4015 East Asia: Economic Miracles and Social Change
SOCI4006 Chinese Family and Kinship
SOCI3056 Community Engagement for Social Sustainability
SOCI3055 Population and Social Developments in China