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Core Courses


Invitation to Sociology
SOCI2005 Qualitative Methods of Social Research
SOCI2006 Social Statistics
SOCI2007 Quantitative Methods of Social Research
SOCI2015 Sociological Theory I: Classical Theory
SOCI2046 Introduction to Sociological Thinking and Writing
SOCI3005 Sociological Theory II: Contemporary Approaches


Double-Counting GE Capstone Courses

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CHSS4035 Selected Topics in the Sociology of China I
CHSS4006 Chinese Family and Kinship
CHSS3055 Population and Social Developments in China
CHSS3047 Consumption in China
CHSS3046 Chinese Capitalisms
CHSS3045 China and Tourism
CHSS2016 Modern Chinese Society
CHSS1005 Understanding Society: An Introduction to Sociology