Invitation to Sociology

This course introduces some basic sociological concepts, theories and methods to appreciate and evaluate social phenomena or issues in the modern world. The course aims to highlight the relevance of sociology for understanding everyday life or experiential contexts. Some topics/areas as shown below will be the focus of this course; they will be illustrated with examples from the Hong Kong and China contexts with which students are by and large familiar. The topics/areas are: (1) family and marriage; (2) groups, organizations and society; (3) gender and sexuality; (4) deviance and social control; (5) stratification and inequalities; (6) social movements; (7) race and ethnicity; (8) religion; (9) population, ageing and migration and (10) urbanization, population and globalization. Through a sociological lens, students will develop a sensitivity to and think critically about the nature of the world that they live in.