On behalf of the Hong Kong Baptist University Organizing Committee of the 15th Annual Conference of the Hong Kong Sociological Association I would like to warmly welcome contributors and participants to this Conference and to the University venue. This 2013 Conference includes a new departure in so far as it shall occupy two days of presentations whereas previous Conferences of the HKSA have been confined to one day. As well as providing an opportunity to attend a greater number of sessions and presentations the two-day format allows us to have two plenum presentations, one on each day. We are very privileged to have two distinguished keynote speakers, Professor Wang Gungwu of the National University of Singapore and Professor Gerald Delanty of the University of Sussex. They shall each address the theme of this Conference, ‘China in the World, the World in China: East Asian Cosmopolitanisms’, with a level of expertise that comes with leading their respective fields for decades through research that has shaped if not defined their areas, realized by a stellar array of highly influential publications. As in past years presenters at this conference include sociologists from a number of universities, both near and far. It is a great pleasure indeed to welcome colleagues from Hong Kong, mainland China, Korea, Japan, Europe, Australia, the United States, Canada and other locations. We can expect a full and highly stimulating programme of presentations over the two days of the Conference, much discussion and lively conversation, and also a number of enjoyable meals. All of these are to be shared by all of us and your participation in them is most welcomed.

Professor Jack Barbalet
Department of Sociology
Hong Kong Baptist University