Welcome to the Department of Sociology!
Mazu cultural tourism festival, 2011
Workers’ protest, Hong Kong
Our students, fieldtrip to Ping Shan
Rural migrant service workers of a dance club in Changsha, China
Alumni reunion, participants from class of 1975 to class of 2015

What's Sociology

Sociology, as a discipline, uses social scientific methods and theoretical analysis to make sense of how society becomes possible, operates, transforms, and is sustained. It investigates social institutions such as the family, work, education, sexuality, religion, leisure, and the state. Sociology critically analyze these and other social institutions and illuminates their power and inequality implications. To study Sociology, then, is to develop a critical perspective on the many aspects of society that are often taken for granted in everyday life. Students are encouraged to examine the social conditions of human pursuits through taking courses on research fields including social network, family, gender, popular culture, social movement, globalization, rural society, women, health, the Internet, and social stratification. Such inquiries are supported by intensive learning of the theoretical foundations of the discipline, and by a thorough training in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.