2022/03/21 Guest Lecture - Drug Use, Supply and Hidden Populations of Users in Hong Kong
2022/03/03 Seminar - Domestic Outsourcing in an Ultra-low Fertility Context: Employing Live-in Domestic Help and Fertility in Hong Kong
2022/02/17 Seminar - Hong Kong Society: High-Definition Stories beyond the Spectacle of East-Meets-West
2021/12/09 Workshop - Rethinking Sociological Theory in Asia
2021/11/16 Press Conference Update
2021/11/15 Press Conference - A Stranger / Helper at Home: An Intergrated Framework on Hiring Domestic Help and Family Relations in Hong Kong
2021/11/11 Stimulating courses available (Semester 2, 2021/22)
2021/11/29 Seminar - Inter-Asia Referencing: A Methodological Note
2021/11/18 Pg Seminar - Digital Leisure and Older Adults’ Psychological Well-being: A Case Study of Older Users of TikTok in Urban Weifang, China
2021/11/11 Seminar - The Greater Bay Area and Career Opportunity for Hong Kong Youth: Evidence from Big Data and Online Survey
2021/11/09 學術講座:歸原田居 或 現代生活?
2021/11/01 Seminar - Multiplex Networks of Online and Offline Gang Conflict: A Mixed-methods Abductive Study of Chicago Latinx Gangs
2021/10/22 SOC Career Talk - 從學習到就業: 就業能力和職業發展
2021/10/04 Seminar - Dimensions of Social Networks: A Taxonomy and Operationalization
2021/07/14 Stimulating courses available (Semester 1, 2021/22)
2021/07/08 Knowledge Exchange and Impact Workshop
2021/06/24 Pg Seminar - Social Development, Gendered Resources and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) against Women in Northern and Southern Nigeria
2021/06/10 Seminar - Move Over, Mona Lisa. Move Over, Jane Eyre: Disrupting the Cultural and Intellectual Inequality Pipeline
2021/04/27 SOC Career Talk - 如何寫一篇 讓你得到面試機會的履歷表
2021/04/20 Hong Kong Thematic Talk by Mr. William Po