2021/04/20 Sociology Information Session (Online)
2021/04/01 Seminar - Building Policy Impact through Academic Research: Reflections from My Research on Gender Inequalities and Employment
2021/03/11 Seminar - Contact Diaries: A Bottom-up Approach to Delineating Personal Networks
2021/03/08 Hong Kong Thematic Talk by Mr Ted Kwan & Ms Maisy Ho
2021/02/25 Hong Kong Thematic Talk Series (S2, 2020-2021)
2021/03/31 SOC Logo Design Competition
2021/02/10 Seminar - Predict and Surveil: Data, Discretion, and the Future of Policing
2021/01/27 Seminar - What are Communities in Social Networks?
2021/01/27 Sociology Departmental Seminars (S2, 2020-2021)
2021/01/11 GE Capstone Course on Independent Study (Semester 2, 2020-21)
2021/01/11 Stimulating courses available (Semester 2, 2020-2021)
2020/11/27 Seminar - Rural Vitalization, Population Aging and Toilet Revolution
2020/11/20 Thematic Hong Kong Talk - Impact of Audience Big Data on Media Landscape
2020/11/13 Thematic Hong Kong Talk - More Than a Medal, Become Your Best: Training Athletes for Success
2020/11/05 Seminar - Embodying Place and Class Habitus: Passing Practices of Male-to-female Cross-dressers in Hong Kong
2020/10/30 Seminar - Does live-in domestic help reduce unpaid household labour? The paradox of intensive parenting and hiring help
2020/10/29 Sociology Academic Talk - Exploring the Self-identification of Transgender
2020/07/22 Call for Application: Master of Philosophy & Doctor of Philosophy
2020/07/16 Stimulating courses available (Semester 1, 2020/21)
2020/06/05 eSeminar - Understanding the Impacts of Social Distancing on Family Functioning and Wellbeing: A Proposed Study