2018/04/18 Workshop - Global South Perspectives: Towards decolonization, de-stratification and de-centralization of social knowledge production
2018/03/29 Seminar - Business Leadership of a Social Movement: The Case of Natural Foods
2018/03/19 Sociology Information Session
2018/03/15 Seminar - The Changing Social Order in Rural China: The Case of Water Conservancy Disputes
2018/03/02 Time to Catch Up with You ! – Year 2 China Studies (Sociology Concentration)
2018/02/23 Time to Catch Up with You ! – Year 2 Sociology Major
2018/02/06 Seminar - The Prevalence and the Increasing Significance of Guanxi
2017/12/07 And Then Came Brexit: Experiences and Future Plans of Young EU Migrants in the London Region
2017/11/30 Seminar - Authenticity and Authority in the Emergence of a Global Daoist Field
2017/11/24 Seminar - Employment among Minority Immigrant and Local-born Youth in Canada
2017/10/26 Seminar - Space and Personal Contacts: Cross-Group Interaction between Mainland and Local University Students in Hong Kong?
2017/10/20 Seminar - Face, Emotional Bonding and Corruption: How Middlemen Facilitate Corrupt Exchanges in China
2017/10/19 Seminar - Coercive Morality? Network-based Exchanges of Favors in Hospitals in China
2017/05/22 Seminar - Switching Sides: Market Transition and Job-referring in China
2017/05/04 Seminar - In Defence of a Sociological Conceptualisation of Gender: Transgender, Feminism and some Oddities of Sexual Politics in the ‘Western’ World
2017/01/26 AAB Run for Fun 2017
2016/11/26 SOSC 45th Anniversary Fun Day
2016/11/09 Sociology Public Lecture Series - Post-1997 Hong Kong under Patriotism
2016/10/27 Seminar - Social Capital and Well-being
2016/09/28 Sociology Public Lecture Series - Why I Founded Principal Chan Free Tutorial World - Plus the Difficulties Underprivileged Students Face and Support for Them