2020/03/05 Seminar - What do people say about Airbnb discrimination? Re-examining Twitter themes and discussion networks on Airbnb discrimination
2020/02/07 最「爛滾」天后 進軍殘奧
2020/01/12 Stimulating Sociology Elective courses available for your selection
2019/11/16 Sociology Field Trip to Sai Ying Pun
2019/11/08 Seminar - East Asian Capitalism and the Sustainability of Development: South Korea and Hong Kong Compared
2019/11/07 Thematic Hong Kong Talk Series - The Current State of Building Conservation in Hong Kong: A Case Study of the State Theatre
2019/11/01 Seminar - Securing Temporary Spaces of Belonging in Urban China: How Migrant Domestic Workers Survive the Dislocation
2019/10/10 Seminar: Labour and Politics in Indonesia
2019/09/20 Sociology O'Night
2019/06/22 Workshop - Quantitative Research Methods
2019/06/15 Symposium - Aging in Place in a City of Mobilities? A Symposium on the Challenges of Aging Society
2020/05/28 Seminar - Tripartite Guanxi: Resolving Kin and Non-kin Discontinuities in Chinese Connections
2019/05/21 Seminar - “If I wanted to be around lots of Chinese, I would just stay in China”: Motivations of Chinese students to study in the U.S.
2019/05/20 Reproducing Aliens, Dependents or Model Citizens? Asian American Women, Tiger Mothers and Gendered Citizenship
2019/04/11 WIP Seminar - Parental Resources, Aspiration and Academic Involvement among Native, Cross-border and Immigrant Families in Hong Kong
2019/03/29 Seminar - Payoffs to Gender and Ethnic Social Capitals in the Singaporean Meritocracy
2019/03/14 WIP Seminar - Social Tie Formation in the Urban “Third Place”: Pokémon Go Players in Hong Kong as a Case Study
2019/02/28 Seminar - A Big (Male) Fish in a Small Pond: Gender Differences in the Relationship between Ability Rank and STEM Career Aspirations among Chinese Students
2018/11/30 Seminar - The Battle of Images: Sino-Hollywood Negotiation Then and Now
2018/11/23 Seminar - What are the major factors influencing people’s decision to have a second child in China today?