Datesort ascending Title
2018/11/30 *Seminar- The Battle of Images: Sino-Hollywood Negotiation Then and Now
2018/11/23 *Seminar- 影响育龄人口二孩生育意愿的因素究竟是什么?(What are the major factors influencing people’s decision to have a second child in China today?)
2018/11/09 *Seminar- (Title to be announced; Dissertation proposal seminar).
2018/11/02 *Seminar- Co-Ethnic Capital in Coastal China and India: The Developmental Diasporas of Guangdong and Kerala
2018/10/26 *Seminar- Intimacy Lost or Autonomy Gained? Spousal Migration and Left-Behind Wives’ Subjective Well-Being in Rural China
2018/10/19 *Seminar- The Electoral Dimension of Disinformation: Studying Political Astroturfing on Twitter
2018/05/17 Seminar - How to Build Impact into Research: Experiences from the UK
2018/05/14 Seminar - How to Turn Research into Quality Publications
2018/05/09 Seminar - Intersections of Gender and Marital Status in Later Life: Links to material wellbeing, social support/ participation and sleep
2018/04/19 Workshop - Migration and Inequalities
2018/04/18 Workshop - Global South Perspectives: Towards decolonization, de-stratification and de-centralization of social knowledge production
2018/03/29 Seminar - Business Leadership of a Social Movement: The Case of Natural Foods
2018/03/19 Sociology Information Session
2018/03/15 Seminar - The Changing Social Order in Rural China: The Case of Water Conservancy Disputes
2018/03/02 Time to Catch Up with You ! – Year 2 China Studies (Sociology Concentration)
2018/02/23 Time to Catch Up with You ! – Year 2 Sociology Major
2018/02/06 Seminar - The Prevalence and the Increasing Significance of Guanxi
2017/12/07 And Then Came Brexit: Experiences and Future Plans of Young EU Migrants in the London Region
2017/11/30 Seminar - Authenticity and Authority in the Emergence of a Global Daoist Field
2017/11/24 Seminar - Employment among Minority Immigrant and Local-born Youth in Canada