Student Name
Year of Graduation
Thesis Title
Mr Wong, Hontung@   Fintech and Developmental Network State in HK
Miss Agblevor. Emella Afi*@   Exploring Self-medication with Body Enhancing Health Products in Accra, Ghana (Tentative)
Miss He, Ranran@   Talking with Silent Officials: Changing Paradigmol Political Negotiation and Public Discussion within WeChat group (Tentative)
Miss Du Shengchen*@   Gender, Social Capital and Labor Market Inequity in Mainland China (Tentative)
Miss Du Yi@   Popularization of Traditional Chinese Elements on the Internet (Tentative)
Miss Schöpf Caroline*@   An extended case study of immigrant incorporation of Westerners in Hong Kong (Tentative)
Miss Zhang Linlin*@   Anhui-based Farmer Workers in Urumqi - A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of "Reverse Flow" (Tentative)
Miss Ma Huan 2017-18 Migration for grandchildren: Grandmothering of rural-urban migrant elderly in China.
Mr. Ip Ping Lam 2016-17 From Purification of "Sins" to Negotiation of Boundaries: Exploring Assimilation of Children of Mainland New Arrivals in Hong Kong Secondary School Context
Mr. Wu Yintao* 2016-17 Composite Property Rights and Boundary-treading Resistance - A Case Study of Country in Eastern Sichuan
Mr. Zhang Qing 2016-17 The making of Apple culture in China: A phenomenological sociology of culture, media and technology (Tentative)
Mr. Chen Zetao 2015-16 Local organizations and efficiency of state extraction in rural China: A case study of A county in Guangdong Province, 1949-1956
Mr. Gao Chunyuan 2015-16 China's New Generation Migrant Workers and the Problem of Anomie: Social Momentum and Modes of Adoption

Miss Tang Ling

2015-16 Gendered and Sexualized Guanxi: The Use of Erotic Capital in the Workplace in Urban China
Miss Luk Ka Wing 2013-14 An Exploratory Study of Asexual Marriage on a Chinese Website
Miss Kwok Toi Sze 2012-13 Fixed-term Employment and Individual Mobility: A Study of Teaching Assistants in the Aided Secondary Schools of Hong Kong
Miss Wu Aijin 2012-13 Villagers’ Resistance Against Lane Expropriation – A Case Study of the Yin Village in Northern China
Miss Ding Jiaheng 2012-13 The Role of Guanxi in Urban China’s Self-Employment Sector: A Qualitative Case Study
Miss Zhu Shu 2011-12 Birds of a Feather Flock Together: A Study of Homophily Tendency in Social Networks of Mainland Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong
Mr. Kwan Chi Kit 2011-12 Individualization and School-to-work Transition: A Study of University Graduates in Hong Kong
Miss Wong Sze Man, Rachel 2010-11 Risk and Pleasure: A Comparison of the Clubbing Experiences between Higher and Lower Educated Female Youth in Hong Kong
Dr. Choi Kwok To, Maurice 2010-11 Online Dating as a Strategic Game: How and Why Do Men from Hong Kong Use QQ to Chase Women from Mainland China
Miss Chan Wai Man, Joyce 2010-11 移民與想像:新移民女大學生的女性角色憧憬
Miss Fung Ka Yi 2009-10 Against All the Odds: A Study of Social Capital and Educational Achievement of Rural Students in China
Mr. Yan Ka Ho, Jason 2009-10 The King Has No New Clothes: An Ethnographical Study on People Resistance Against State-launched Redevelopment Projects over an Urban Chinese Walled Village in South China
Mr. Yeung Chon Fai, Ray 2009-10 The Social Impact of Long Overdue Urban Redevelopment: A Case Study of Yue Man Square
Miss Luk Wing Yin, Fiona 2008-09 Organization Structure, Discourse and Women Empowerment-A Case Study of a Feminist Cooperative in Kwun Tong
Miss Wong Shuet Ying, Cindy 2008-09 Cooperativism as Ethical Practice: A Study of Worker Cooperatives in Hong Kong
Mr. Law King Keung 2007-08 城市、日常生活與規訓:在沙田新市鎮長大的年青世代的生命故事 (City, Everyday Life and Discipline: Life Stories of Young People Brought Up in Shatin New Town)
Miss Leung Pui Man, Prissy 2007-08 打造農民工? -中國貴州宜田縣農村中學生參與農民工培訓個案研究 (The Making of Peasant Workers? – A Case Study of Pre-migration Training Programs for Rural Students in Yitian County, Guizhou Province, China)
Miss Lee Man Ching, Ada 2006-07 童畫、童心、童家
Children’s Drawings, Children’s Heart, Children’s Families
Miss Chan Wai Wan, Vivien 2005-06 身分認同,網路和企業經營:一個對流動移民企業家的研究
Identities, Social Networks and Entrepreneurship: A study of Mobile Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Miss Ho Wai Kwan 2005-06 Gender and Marriage - Network Integration and Network Restructuring of the Newlyweds in Hong Kong
Miss Juo So In 2004-05 婦女、文化、發展與發展介入:貴州苗寨的婦女組織實踐的足跡和反思
Women, Culture, Development and Development Intervention: Practice and Reflection on Women's Organization in Miao Community in Guizhou, China
Miss Chan Chi Wai 2004-05 The Power Structure in Rural China after the Reform – A Case Study of a Village in Guangdong
Miss Kaur Karamjit Sandhu 2004-05 Becoming Hong Kong-Punjabi: A Case Study of Racial Exclusion and Ethnicity Construction
Mr. Yu Kam Lun 2001-02 Fertility Preferences of Wives and Husbands in Hong Kong -- Spousal Agreement and Women's Status.
Mr. Li, Hau Chi Hanif 2000-01 澳門「一二.三事件」的口述歷史與葡萄牙的殖民統治
The "12.3 Incident" and Portuguese Colonial Rule-An Oral Historical Approach.
Miss Kung, Shuk Mei 1999-00 Discipline and Female Subjects: An Analysis of Women's Experience in the Learning and Using of Female Underwear.
Mr. Tam, Man Kei 1999-00 Action Repertoire of the 'Big Noise in the Street' - Bodily Practice and Spatial Dissemination as Social Movement.
Mr. Lai, Siu Kay Stephen 1998-99 Struggling Against Social Disadvantages: The Life Stories of Six "New Immigrant Families" in Hong Kong in the 1990s.
Mr. Zhang, Feng 1998-99 A Sociological Case Study of Migration in Xinjiang, China: Motivation of In-migrants to Xinjiang Production and Construction Crops.
Mr. Chui ,Chi Fai Raymond 1995-96 Rethinking the Nature of Motherhood and its Influence on Women's Economic Life
Mr. Cheung, Siu Keung 1995-96 The Subculture of Poverty: A Case Study of a Cage Apartment in Hong Kong.
Mr. Tam, Yik Fai 1992-93 Strategy and Identity of a Social Movement Organization: A Case Study of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese.
Mr. Puk, Wing Kin 1992-93 State, Salt and Society in Late Imperial China: a Study of Lianghuai.

* PhD Students