Student Name
Year of Graduation
Thesis Title
Mr. Ola, Bamidele*@   Individual - and Relationship – Specific Determinants of Spousal Violence
Miss Odoi, Elizabeth*@   Sociology of Gender and Sexuality
Mr Wong, Hontung@   Fintech and Developmental Network State in HK
Miss Agblevor. Emella Afi*@   Exploring Self-medication with Body Enhancing Health Products in Accra, Ghana (Tentative)
Miss He, Ranran@   Talking with Silent Officials: Changing Paradigmol Political Negotiation and Public Discussion within WeChat group (Tentative)
Miss Du Shengchen   Gender, Social Capital and Labor Market Inequity in Mainland China (Tentative)
Miss Du Yi   Popularization of Traditional Chinese Elements on the Internet (Tentative)
Miss Schöpf Caroline*@   An extended case study of immigrant incorporation of Westerners in Hong Kong (Tentative)
Miss Zhang Linlin*@   Anhui-based Farmer Workers in Urumqi - A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of "Reverse Flow" (Tentative)
Miss Ma Huan 2017-18 Migration for grandchildren: Grandmothering of rural-urban migrant elderly in China.
Mr. Ip Ping Lam 2016-17 From Purification of "Sins" to Negotiation of Boundaries: Exploring Assimilation of Children of Mainland New Arrivals in Hong Kong Secondary School Context
Mr. Wu Yintao* 2016-17 Composite Property Rights and Boundary-treading Resistance - A Case Study of Country in Eastern Sichuan
Mr. Zhang Qing 2016-17 The making of Apple culture in China: A phenomenological sociology of culture, media and technology (Tentative)
Mr. Chen Zetao 2015-16 Local organizations and efficiency of state extraction in rural China: A case study of A county in Guangdong Province, 1949-1956
Mr. Gao Chunyuan 2015-16 China's New Generation Migrant Workers and the Problem of Anomie: Social Momentum and Modes of Adoption

Miss Tang Ling

2015-16 Gendered and Sexualized Guanxi: The Use of Erotic Capital in the Workplace in Urban China
Miss Luk Ka Wing 2013-14 An Exploratory Study of Asexual Marriage on a Chinese Website
Miss Kwok Toi Sze 2012-13 Fixed-term Employment and Individual Mobility: A Study of Teaching Assistants in the Aided Secondary Schools of Hong Kong
Miss Wu Aijin 2012-13 Villagers’ Resistance Against Lane Expropriation – A Case Study of the Yin Village in Northern China
Miss Ding Jiaheng 2012-13 The Role of Guanxi in Urban China’s Self-Employment Sector: A Qualitative Case Study
Miss Zhu Shu 2011-12 Birds of a Feather Flock Together: A Study of Homophily Tendency in Social Networks of Mainland Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong
Mr. Kwan Chi Kit 2011-12 Individualization and School-to-work Transition: A Study of University Graduates in Hong Kong
Miss Wong Sze Man, Rachel 2010-11 Risk and Pleasure: A Comparison of the Clubbing Experiences between Higher and Lower Educated Female Youth in Hong Kong
Dr. Choi Kwok To, Maurice 2010-11 Online Dating as a Strategic Game: How and Why Do Men from Hong Kong Use QQ to Chase Women from Mainland China
Miss Chan Wai Man, Joyce 2010-11 移民與想像:新移民女大學生的女性角色憧憬
Miss Fung Ka Yi 2009-10 Against All the Odds: A Study of Social Capital and Educational Achievement of Rural Students in China
Mr. Yan Ka Ho, Jason 2009-10 The King Has No New Clothes: An Ethnographical Study on People Resistance Against State-launched Redevelopment Projects over an Urban Chinese Walled Village in South China
Mr. Yeung Chon Fai, Ray 2009-10 The Social Impact of Long Overdue Urban Redevelopment: A Case Study of Yue Man Square
Miss Luk Wing Yin, Fiona 2008-09 Organization Structure, Discourse and Women Empowerment-A Case Study of a Feminist Cooperative in Kwun Tong
Miss Wong Shuet Ying, Cindy 2008-09 Cooperativism as Ethical Practice: A Study of Worker Cooperatives in Hong Kong
Mr. Law King Keung 2007-08 城市、日常生活與規訓:在沙田新市鎮長大的年青世代的生命故事 (City, Everyday Life and Discipline: Life Stories of Young People Brought Up in Shatin New Town)
Miss Leung Pui Man, Prissy 2007-08 打造農民工? -中國貴州宜田縣農村中學生參與農民工培訓個案研究 (The Making of Peasant Workers? – A Case Study of Pre-migration Training Programs for Rural Students in Yitian County, Guizhou Province, China)
Miss Lee Man Ching, Ada 2006-07 童畫、童心、童家
Children’s Drawings, Children’s Heart, Children’s Families
Miss Chan Wai Wan, Vivien 2005-06 身分認同,網路和企業經營:一個對流動移民企業家的研究
Identities, Social Networks and Entrepreneurship: A study of Mobile Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Miss Ho Wai Kwan 2005-06 Gender and Marriage - Network Integration and Network Restructuring of the Newlyweds in Hong Kong
Miss Juo So In 2004-05 婦女、文化、發展與發展介入:貴州苗寨的婦女組織實踐的足跡和反思
Women, Culture, Development and Development Intervention: Practice and Reflection on Women's Organization in Miao Community in Guizhou, China
Miss Chan Chi Wai 2004-05 The Power Structure in Rural China after the Reform – A Case Study of a Village in Guangdong
Miss Kaur Karamjit Sandhu 2004-05 Becoming Hong Kong-Punjabi: A Case Study of Racial Exclusion and Ethnicity Construction
Mr. Yu Kam Lun 2001-02 Fertility Preferences of Wives and Husbands in Hong Kong -- Spousal Agreement and Women's Status.
Mr. Li, Hau Chi Hanif 2000-01 澳門「一二.三事件」的口述歷史與葡萄牙的殖民統治
The "12.3 Incident" and Portuguese Colonial Rule-An Oral Historical Approach.
Miss Kung, Shuk Mei 1999-00 Discipline and Female Subjects: An Analysis of Women's Experience in the Learning and Using of Female Underwear.
Mr. Tam, Man Kei 1999-00 Action Repertoire of the 'Big Noise in the Street' - Bodily Practice and Spatial Dissemination as Social Movement.
Mr. Lai, Siu Kay Stephen 1998-99 Struggling Against Social Disadvantages: The Life Stories of Six "New Immigrant Families" in Hong Kong in the 1990s.
Mr. Zhang, Feng 1998-99 A Sociological Case Study of Migration in Xinjiang, China: Motivation of In-migrants to Xinjiang Production and Construction Crops.
Mr. Chui ,Chi Fai Raymond 1995-96 Rethinking the Nature of Motherhood and its Influence on Women's Economic Life
Mr. Cheung, Siu Keung 1995-96 The Subculture of Poverty: A Case Study of a Cage Apartment in Hong Kong.
Mr. Tam, Yik Fai 1992-93 Strategy and Identity of a Social Movement Organization: A Case Study of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese.
Mr. Puk, Wing Kin 1992-93 State, Salt and Society in Late Imperial China: a Study of Lianghuai.

* PhD Students