The Department of Sociology of Hong Kong Baptist University is a small department with colleagues pursuing research that best reflects their strength. We seek to create foci of efforts that can contribute to the development of sociology as a discipline and to addressing social issues of increasing local and international significance. Our research interests cluster around four major areas, including (1) gender, family and life course, (2) social networks and social inequalities, (3) globalization and social change, and (4) cultures and identities. Situated in the context of Hong Kong and greater China, our research work offers theoretically informed and empirically supported analysis to address issues brought forth by changes in contemporary societies in general.

  1. Gender, family and life course
    Adam KL Cheung, Kwok Shing Chan, Gina WF Lai, Hon Chu Leung, Yinni Peng, Ken CY Sun, Day KM Wong, & Odalia MH Wong 
  2. Social networks and inequalities
    Jack Barbalet, Gina WF Lai, Hon Chu Leung, Yao-tai Li, Danching Ruan, & Odalia MH Wong
  3. Globalization and social change
    Cindy YW Chu, Matthew MT Chew, & Ken CY Sun
  4. Cultures and identities
    Kwok Shing Chan, Matthew MT Chew, & Yao-tai Li