Research Interests:
Migration; Gender & Family; Social Media; Labor Politics; Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences

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Associate Professor
PENG, Yinni (彭銦旎)
Ph.D (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Yinni Peng works on migration, family and gender, new media, and labor politics. She is the coauthor of Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family, and Gender in China (2016, University of California Press). Her research was published in Gender & SocietyThe China Quarterly, Human Relations, Sex Roles, Journal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesPopulation, Space and Place, Journal of Contemporary China etc. Between 2017 and 2019, she served as an editorial board member of Gender & Society. From 2019, she is serving as an editorial board member of Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

2019-22  Principal Investigator. “When China’s Only Children Become Parents: Gender, Family, and Parenting in Urban Singletons in Post-Reform China.” GRF (HKBU 12605218), funded by UGC.

2016-17  Principal Investigator. “Mainland Chinese students’ transition into skilled migrants in Hong Kong.” Faculty Research Grant, FRG1/15-16/032, Hong Kong Baptist University.

2014-17  Principal Investigator. “Trans-local parenting: How the intersection of social structure and individual agency reconstructs parenthood among migrant workers in South China.” Early Career Scheme (ECS:HKBU 258513), funded by the University Grants Committee, Hong Kong.

2014-15  Principal Investigator. “Student migration and telecommunication: Mainland Chinese students and their ICT usage in Hong Kong.” Faculty Research Grant, FRG1/13-14/045, Hong Kong Baptist University.

2012-15  Co-Investigator. “Masculinities in transition: Comparing the construction of gender identities among male migrants in the manufacturing, service and construction sector.” General Research Fund (GRF: CUHK 442512), funded by the University Grants Committee, Hong Kong.

2011-12  Co-Investigator. “Relationship between transnational mothers and actual care-takers in the construction of transnational motherhood.” Faculty Research Grant, FRG 2/11-12/035, Hong Kong Baptist University

2010-11  Co-Investigator. “Virtual motherhood: how do migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong fulfill their maternal duties by mobile phone usage? ” Faculty Research Grant, Faculty Research Grant, FRG1/09-10/055, Hong Kong Baptist University


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Scholarly Book

Choi, Susanne Y.P. and Yinni Peng. 2016. Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family and Gender in China. Oakland: University of California Press. (The Winner of the 2018 Best Book, RC 31Sociology of Migration, International Sociological Association)

蔡玉萍,彭铟旎。2019. 《男性妥协:中国的城乡迁移、家庭和性别》。北京:三联书店。【三联书店2019年度十本好书 (副刊)】

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Peng, Yinni. 2019. “Should We Have a Second Child? Reproductive Decisions and Family Negotiation under China’s Two-child Policy.” Journal of Contemporary China, DOI: 10.1080/10670564.2019.1704998 (online first).

 Peng, Yinni. 2019. “From Migrant Student to Migrant Employee: Three Models of the School-to-Work Transition of Mainland Chinese in Hong Kong.” Population, Space and Place, DOI: 10.1002/psp.2283 (online first).

Peng, Yinni. 2019. “Getting Rural Migrant Children into School in South China: Migrant Agency and Parenting.” Asian Population Studies, Vol.15(2): 172-189.

Peng, Yinni. 2018. “Bringing Children to the Cities: Gendered Migrant Parenting and the Family Dynamics of Rural-Urban Migrants in China.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2018.1510308 (Online first)

Peng, Yinni. 2018. “Migrant Mothering in Transition: A Qualitative Study of the Maternal Narratives and Practices of Two Generations of Rural-Urban Migrant Mothers in Southern China.” Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 79(1-2): 16-35.

彭铟旎,黄何明雄。2018. “信息沟通技术与母职:一项关于香港菲佣的实证研究。”《家庭与性别评论》,第7期.

Peng, Yinni. 2016. “Student migration and polymedia: Mainland Chinese students’ communication media use in Hong Kong.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 42(14): 2395-2412.

Peng, Yinni and Odalia M.H. Wong. 2016. “Who takes care of my left-behind children? Migrant mothers and caregivers in transnational child care.” Journal of Family Issues, Vol. 37(14): 2021-2044.

Choi, Susanne Y.P. and Yinni Peng. 2015. “Humanized management? Capital and labour in a time of labour shortage in South China.” Human Relations, Vol.68 (2): 287-304.

Peng, Yinni and Odalia M.H. Wong. 2013. “Diversified transnational mothering via telecommunication: Intensive, collaborative, and passive.” Gender & Society, Vol. 27(4): 491-513.

Peng, Yinni and Susanne Y.P. Choi. 2013. “Mobile phone usage among migrant factory workers in South China: Technologies of power and resistance.” The China Quarterly, Vol. 215: 553-571.

Peng, Yinni and Odalia M.H. Wong. 2012. “Mothering from afar: Filipina domestic workers and their ICTs usage in Hong Kong.” Chinese Journal of Sociology, Vol. 32(2): 199-222.

彭铟旎. 2011. “辞工:民工荒背景下的新型劳资冲突。”《中国研究》, 秋季卷,总第14期,61-82页。

Peng, Yinni. 2010. “Exit: Power struggles in a time of labor shortage in South China.” Social Transformations in Chinese Societies, Vol.6, No.1:94-119.

Peng, Yinni. 2008. "Internet use of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta." Knowledge, Technology, and Policy, Vol. 21:47-54.

Peng, Yinni. 2007. "Mobile communication and resistance of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta Area." Philippine Sociological Review, Vol.55: 97-115.

Law, Pui-lam, and Yinni Peng. 2005. "Téléphone mobile et vie sociale des travailleurs émigrés en Chine du sud." Réseaux: Communication-Technologie-Société, 23: 45-67.

Book Chapters

Peng, Yinni and Rodney W.C. Chu. 2012. "The mobile phone usage in Chinese society." Pp. 189-201 in Mobile Communication and Greater China, edited by Rodney W.C. Chu, Leopoldina Fortunati, Pui-lam Law, and Shanhua Yang. London: Routledge.

Peng, Yinni. 2012. “Internet use of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta.” In New Connectivities in China: Virtual, Actual and Local Interactions, edited by Law Pui-lam, New York, N.Y: Springer, pp. 95-104. (Reprinted, first published in Knowledge, Technology and Policy)

Law, Pui-lam, and Yinni Peng. 2008. "Mobile communication, mobile networks: Migrant workers in Southern China." Pp. 55-65 in Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies, edited by James E. Katz. Cambridge, M.A.: The MIT Press.

彭铟旎. 2008.“非正式规则:珠江三角洲新一代流动民工的行为策略.” 《城乡日常生活:一种社会学分析》. 杨善华主编. 北京: 社会科学文献出版社. 47-82 页.

Law, Pui-lam, and Yinni Peng. 2007. "Cellphones and the social lives of migrant workers in Southern China." Pp. 126-142 in The Social Construction and Usage of Communication Technologies: Asian and European Experiences, edited by Raul Pertierra. Diliman, Quezon City: The University of the Philippines Press.

Invited Book Reviews

Peng, Yinni. 2019. “The Cosmopolitan Dream: Transnational Chinese Masculinities in a Global Age”, by Derek Hird and Geng Song, China Review International, vol. 24(3): 209-212.

Peng, Yinni. 2019. “Choosing Daughters: Family Change in Rural China”, by Lihong Shi, Pacific Affairs, vol. 92(2): 324-325.

Peng, Yinni. 2017. “Building China: Informal work and the new precariat”, by Saran Swider, American Journal of Sociology, vol. 122 (4): 1319-1321. 

Peng, Yinni. 2013. “Technomobility in China: Young migrant women and mobile phones”, by Cara Wallis, The China Quarterly, Vol. 215: 776-778.


2018  Best Work Award of RC 31 Sociology of Migration, International Sociological Association (Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family and Gender in China)

External Service

2017-2019, editorial board member, Gender & Society

2019-now, editorial board member, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies