I think sharing everything and reciprocity are part of the culture of Wisconsin. If I practice sincerity, I will not feel lonely, even while travelling alone.

Au Yeung Ka Ki (China Studies (Sociology)) Exchange Programme (USA)

I think it is important for a modern government to care about people’s lives and the environment. The Kinmen government can achieve both. The government provides good welfare to the Kinmen people and takes action to protect migrant birds.

Chan Ka Man (China Studies (Sociology)) Fujian and Kinmen Academic Study Trip

To treasure what we have now is a positive attitude towards life. Every time I saw the smiles of those children, the elderly and my group mates, I felt very reassured and touched.

Chan Siu Lee (China Studies (Sociology)) Sichuan Service Trip

It was very touching and memorable as we turned acquaintances into friends and even developed family-like close relationships, indicating the strong solidarity and mutual support we felt.

Chan Siu Lee (China Studies (Sociology)) Internship Programme

We stayed with Tibetan host families for several nights. They showed us their ordinary, simple lifestyle. I was particularly moved by how they cared for each of us unconditionally from deep in their hearts.

Chan Wui Cheung (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India

I learnt how to work with young children and I gained a lot of knowledge about early childhood education.

Chang Pui Kwan (Sociology and Education (Liberal Studies Teaching)) Metropolitan Attachment Programme (USA)

I am extremely curious about everything related to Tibetan culture. Our experience was unique and very precious to us, as we were the first group of Chinese students to visit them.

Chau Yui Kiu (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India

We provided free teaching for them, through which we eventually learnt a lot from them in return. They taught me how to be honest, to treat people sincerely, listen patiently, share generously and dare to express my views.

Cheung Siu Kwan, Katherine (Sociology) EQ Express (Shaoguan)

This was a great opportunity to understand HKSKH history. We learnt how HKSKH operated and was empowered in Hong Kong, especially when Hong Kong was colonised by the United Kingdom.

Cheung Tin Wing (Sociology) Local Internship

Dharamsala is a place full of love and peace. The most direct and simple greetings are the most powerful things that make people feel warm, and being accompanied by children is the best way to make them happy. In contrast, Hong Kong children lead materialistic lives nowadays and their happiness is mostly built on money and material goods.

Cheung Tin Wing (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India