The most profound thing was having to say goodbye on the last day. When the family’s mother forgot to give us the ‘hada’ (meaning ‘blessed white cotton’), she chased us to the bus station downtown, so we could wear it around our necks. Although there was no warm water, we all felt very warm in our hearts.

Lau Chun Pong (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India

I really appreciated how well prepared and active the students were in sharing their views. Another gesture that really impressed me was the “academic applause” among Austrians. It enhanced students’ confidence to further express their opinions. 

Lau Ka Yan (China Studies (Sociology)) Exchange programme (Austria)

We visited a primary school in Chengdu and the students with their naïve smiles made us feel so touched. On the day of our departure, the tears bursting from the children’s faces were so heart-breaking.

Leung Ka Yan (Sociology) Positive Psychology Express 2011-12, Service Trip (Sichuan)

Bowling Green is a small quiet town where students are active learners and the professors are really nice.

Leung Ka Yan (Sociology) Exchange Programme (USA)

We spent most of the time on the trip with the Tibetans, living with them. I really enjoyed sharing a whole night-time with a Tibetan family.

Li Yim Hong (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India

The trip not only allowed me to experience the simple lifestyle of Tibetans, it also made me understand Tibetan culture. Whether local Indians or Tibetans, people’s lives and thoughts are very simple, they are satisfied with the things they have.

Liu Cheong Kwai (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India

The most unforgettable part of the internship was preparing a Chinese-style lunch for all of my colleagues in the company. It was a memorable experience and all of my colleagues liked the Chinese food.

Mak Tin Hing (Sociology) Metropolitan Attachment Programme (Germany)

This trip provided me with a different and broader perspective that let me understand the Tibetan issue. The most memorable experience was the time I spent living with the Tibetan host family for three days. I could fully understand and experience their lives and habits. 

Mak Tin Hing (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India

The internship experience provided me with an opportunity to understand a work environment and the difference between the mainland and Hong Kong.

Ng Cheuk Yan (China Studies (Sociology)) Internship Programme (Beijing)

There are people pursuing a better life – some are enthusiastic for religion, others simply want to learn to be better Tibetans.

Ng Yat Kui (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India