The lovely girls in the orphanage, the kind elderly in the elderly home and the nice people in the village all helped me to understand how simple it can be to achieve happiness and how lucky and blessed we are in Hong Kong.

Ng Yue Fan, Fanny (Sociology) Psychological Enhancement Programme - Sri Lanka Service Trip

The conversation among some scholars and leaders from other provinces and my colleagues let me understand more about different cultures, places and ethnic groups. 

So Ka Hing (China Studies (Sociology)) Internship Programme (Beijing)

The main purpose of the academic week on campus was to promote sociology to other university students. We raised public awareness through the use of various social issues as academic themes. We also invited guests to give a number of talks to stimulate discussion among our students. 

Sociology Society Academic Week

I experienced the notable economic change in China. By sharing different views with each other, I think we all benefitted a lot. 

Tam Ka Fat (China Studies (Sociology)) 福建農林大學兩岸三地大學生暑期交流研討活動

I feel strongly that Shanghai is a place full of challenges and opportunities, attracting different talents from different cities, especially younger people.

Tam Ka Fat (China Studies (Sociology)) 香港青聯「共創新世界」暑期實習團2012-Shanghai

I was taken to interview someone related the story, so that I could learn more about shooting and interview skills.

Tam Po Ki (China Studies (Sociology)) Internship Programme (Beijing)

People in Yunnan stay close to each other through simple conversations and interactions, without advanced communication technologies. I miss the trip and the children in Yunnan.

Tang Kit Yiu (Sociology) Yunnan Service Tour

Everything broadened my horizons and made me understand how amazing the Tibetan culture is. More importantly, I built friendships with the Tibetan children. 

Tang Sai Fan (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India

The working culture in Sydney has shown me how people can lead a different way of life. Australians put great emphasis on the work-life balance. What we consider normal working hours in Hong Kong are too long for them. 

Tang Yuet Lun (China Studies (Sociology)) Metropolitan Attachment Programme (Sydney)

(Tang Sai Fan) This camp was quite successful in attracting many participants to choose sociology as their subject in their future university lives.

(Tong Pang Tik) I was glad to see many participants showing an interest in sociology and wanting to know more about it.

(Liu Cheong Kwai) Many participants relished the camp and quite a number of them asked me about sociology.

Three students (Sociology) Joint University Sociology Touch Camp2013