On this tour, I learnt more about the family structure of traditional Chinese society through visiting the YongDing Tulou and Shanhou Folk Cultural Village.

Yip Man Wai (China Studies (Sociology)) Fujian and Kinmen Academic Study Trip

The most profound scenes for me were, first, visiting the Fujian Tulou, which highlighted the wisdom of Chinese architecture. Second, visiting the Jhaishan Tunnel, Guningtou Battle Museum and other monuments related to the war in China, which gave me a small taste of the suffering of Chinese people during war and how sad it is for Chinese people to fight with each other.

Yu Jun Lin (Sociology) Fujian and Kinmen Academic Study Trip

I learned a lot about Tibetan culture. I learned from them that I should always look on the bright side and keep being optimistic. The study tour was definitely an unforgettable experience, teaching me things I couldn’t learn from books or the Internet.

Yuen Chak Lum (Sociology) Study tour to Dharamsala, India

The internship was a truly unforgettable and valuable experience that gave me work experience, through which I learnt about dealing with the pressure faced at work and co-operating with my colleagues. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to help the victims of work injuries.

Yuen Chak Lum (Sociology) Social Sciences Summer Internship Programme (Local)

Through visiting these places, I learned more about the history of the war period in China, which was made vivid by the historical heritage and the museum. It is worth knowing what our country looked like in the past. I believe that it is crucial to get in touch with the latest news about society and how our society has developed.

Zhang Ling Fei (China Studies (Sociology)) Fujian and Kinmen Academic Study Trip