SUN, Ken C.Y. 孫志硯

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Ph.D (Brandeis University)

Research Interests:

Families and inequalities; International migration; Children, youth and aging; Globalization; Qualitative research methods

Ken Chih-Yan Sun received his Ph.D. in sociology from Brandeis University. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Hong Kong Baptist University. His research interests include families, migration, gender, race/ethnicity, globalization, and aging and life course studies. His publications have appeared in Journal of Marriage and Family, Global Networks, Sociological Forum, Current Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Journal of Family Issues, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Symbolic Interaction, and Sociology Compass. His research receives support from University Grant Committee, Andrew Mellon Foundation, National Science Council, Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation, Academia Sinica, Brandeis University, and Hong Kong Baptist University.

2017-19 Early Career Scheme, the University Grant Committee (Hong Kong’s equivalent of National Science Foundation in the United States) (834,000 HKD, approximately 107,533 USD) Project Titled: "Aging Parents and Their Caregivers Back Home: The Case of Mainland China."
2016-2017 Faculty Research Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University (148,680 HKD, approximately 19,170 USD) Project Titled: "How Left-behind Parents Negotiate Care: The Case of Mainland China."
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Journal Articles

2018 Negotiating the Boundaries of Social Membership: The Case of Aging Return Migrants to Taiwan. Current Sociology, forthcoming.
2017 Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Managing Transnational Ambivalence: How Stay-behind Parents Grapple with Family Separation Across Time." Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, 24(5): 509-605.
2017 Karen V. Hansen, Ken Chih-Yan Sun, and Debra Osnowitz. "Immigrants as Settler Colonists: Boundary Work between Dakota Indians and White Immigrant Settlers." Ethnic and Racial Studies, 40(11): 1919-1938.
2017 Ken Chih-Yan Sun and Jill Smith. "Parenting, Uncertainty and Expert Advice: How Advantaged American Families Collaborate with Private Counselors in their Children’s College Race." Symbolic Interaction, 40(1): 3-24.
2016 Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Professional Remittances: How Aging Taiwanese Returnees Seek to Contribute to the Homeland." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 42(14): 2413-2429.
2016 Jill Smith and Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Privileged American Families and Independent Academic Consultants They Hired." Sociological Forum, 31(1): 159-180. (Equal contribution)
2014 Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Reconfigured Reciprocity: How Aging Taiwanese Immigrants Transform Cultural Logics of Elder Care." Journal of Marriage and Family, 76(4): 875-889.
2014 Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Transnational Healthcare Seeking: How Aging Taiwanese Return Migrants Think about Homeland Public Benefits." Global Networks, 14(4): 533-550.
2014 Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Transnational Kinscription: A Case of Parachute Kids and Their Parents in Taiwan." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 40(9): 1431-1449.
2013 Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Rethinking Migrant Families from a Transnational Perspective: Experiences of Parents and Their Children." Sociology Compass, 7(6): 445-458.
2013 Ken Chih-Yan Sun and Wendy Cadge. "How Do Organizations Respond to New Immigrants? Comparing Two New England Cities." Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 11(2): 157-177.
2012 Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Fashioning Reciprocal Norms of Elder Care: A Case of Immigrants in the United States and their Parents in Taiwan." Journal of Family Issues, 33(9): 1240-1271.
2011 Karen V. Hansen and Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Locating Transnational Norwegians: Exploring Nationalism, Language, and Labor Markets in early Twentieth Century North Dakota." Norwegian-American Essays, 13: 73-108.


Book Chapters

2016 Ken Chih-Yan Sun. "Changing Notions of Home: How Aging Taiwanese Return Migrants Rethink Their Relationship to the Homeland Across the Lifecycle," Pp. 126-138 in Rethinking Home: Transnational Migration and Older Age, edited by Katie Walsh and Lena Nare. New York: Routledge.

Awards & Achievements


2018 Early Career Teaching Award, Hong Kong Baptist University
2017 Early Career Research Award, Hong Kong Baptist University
2014 Distinguished Postdoctoral Research Award, National Science Council.
2011 Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award, Youth, Aging, and the Life Course (YALC) Division, Society for the Study of Social Problems. 
2010 Distinguished Student Scholarship Award, Honorable Mention, International Migration Section, American Sociological Association. 
2009 Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award, Youth, Aging, and the Life Course (YALC) Division, Society for the Study of Social Problems.
2009 Outstanding Teaching Fellow Award, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Brandeis University
2009 Isak Kazes Prize, Women’s and Gender Program, Brandeis University