JIANG, Jin 江晉

Assistant Professor

PhD, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Interests:

Sociology of education; Social stratification and mobility; Labour markets; International higher education

Dr Jin Jiang joined the Department of Sociology in 2020. Her research interests include sociology of education, social stratification and mobility, labour markets and international higher education. One of her current research projects, funded by the Research Grants Council, investigates how and why the co-residence of young adults with their parents has changed over the past 25 years in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the United Kingdom. Another current project, funded by Public Policy Research Fund, adopts the approaches of big data and survey experiments to examine how local people in Hong Kong perceive the career opportunity for young adults in the Greater Bay Area. Dr Jiang has published articles in leading international journals such as American Sociological ReviewSociology of Education, and Journal of Social Policy, and book chapters published Routledge, Springer and Oxford University Press.

External research grants

  1. Research Grants Council, Early Career Scheme (ECS), Staying in the Nest? A Study of Young Adults’ Co-residence with Parents in the United Kingdom, Mainland China and Hong Kong, Principal Investigator, HK$ 588,824, 01/01/2021-31/12/2023.
  2. Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office, Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme, The Greater Bay Area and Career Opportunity for Hong Kong Youth: Integrating Big Data Analysis and Survey Experiments, Principal Investigator, HK$500,000, 01/11/2019-31/11/2021.


Internal research grants

  1. Research Collaboration and Development Fund, Lingnan University, Series of Opinion Surveys on Hong Kong Citizens’ Perceptions and Evaluations on Development Opportunities and Challenges in the Greater Bay Area of China, Principal Investigator, HK$150,000, 2019-2020.
  2. Direct Grant, Lingnan University, The Massification of Higher Education and Changing Labour Markets in Urban China: A Pilot Study of Graduate Employment from 2003 to 2015, Principal Investigator, HK$77,776, 2019-2020.
  3. Direct Grant, Lingnan University, Changing Living Arrangement of Young Adults in Hong Kong over the Last 25 Years: A Time-trend Analysis of Census Data, Principal Investigator, HK$79,946, 2020.

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Peer-reviewed Publications

Journal Articles

GS indicate graduate student co-author at the time of writing

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Edited Book

Neubauer, Deane, Mok, Ka Ho, and Jiang, Jin. (eds.) (2018). The Sustainability of Higher Education in an Era of Post-Massification. London: Routledge.


Book Chapters and Oxford Research Encyclopedia

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