KOO, Anita C.H. 顧靜華


Ph.D. (University of Oxford, England)

Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching - Taught Postgraduate)

Research Interests:

Sociology of education; Youth studies; Class inequality and mobility; Gender studies; Migrant population; Contemporary China

Anita Koo researches on the structure of social stratification and its impact on the educational opportunities and chances of social mobility among individuals from different classes and gender. She had received two GRFs to support the research on the processes and mechanism of social mobility/ reproduction among different groups of migrant youths within the context of rapid expansion of vocational education in post-reform China. She had also served as one of the co-PIs of an interdisciplinary CRF project that examines the school-to-work transitions among the new generation of young workers who study in vocational colleges. Her publications appeared in Sociology, Journal of Education Policy, Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology of Education, Chinese Sociological Review, etc. Currently, she is researching the development of professional education in Hong Kong and its relations to the expansion of higher education. Aims of her work is to improve our understanding of the operation of class and gender in a massified higher education system, so as to find ways to faciliate social mobilities among the disadvantaged.

Course(s) Taught:

SOCI 2015 Sociological Theory I: Classical Theory
SOCI 4026 Selected Topics in Contemporary Sociology I
From Jan-2023 to  Jun-2025 "Vocational/Professional Training against a Changing Landscape of Higher Education in Hong Kong: Choices and Experiences of Students in Accredited Nursing Programs'" RGC General Research Fund, Hong Kong Government. As PI. HKD $961,500.
From Jan-2018 to  Dec-2021 "‘Gendering the New Generation of Chinese Workers in Vocational Schools’" RGC General Research Fund, Hong Kong Government. As PI. HKD $676,000.
From Jun-2016 to Dec-2019 "‘Learning to Labor: Social Media and Migrant Labor Protection in Mainland China’" RGC Collaborative Research Fund Scheme, Hong Kong Government. As Co-PI. HKD $4,677,600.
From Jul-2014 to Jun-2019 "‘Research on Globalization, Migration and Labour’" Donation from Victor and William Fung Foundation Ltd. As Co-PI. HKD $2,728,000.
From Jan-2013 to  Jun-2016 "‘Vocational Education and Social Mobility of Migrant Youth in China'" RGC General Research Fund, Hong Kong Government. As PI. HKD $1,028,000.
Yang, Chin-Yi and Anita Koo. 2022. Hope and Uncertainty at the Periphery in Global Times: Youth Employment in Kinmen, Taiwan. Journal of Youth Studies.

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Chan, Tak-Wing and Anita Koo. 2011. Parenting Style and Youth Outcome in the UK.’ European Sociological Review 27(3): 364‒384.

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