Head & Professor

Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, USA)

Research Interests:

Social stratification and inequality, Racial and ethnic relations, Demography, Economic sociology, and East Asia societies.


My major research interests include social stratification and inequality, economic sociology, demography, racial and ethnic relations, and East Asian societies. Prior to Hong Kong Baptist University, I was on the faculty in the department of sociology at Texas A&M University. I have published research in American Sociological Review, Annual Review of Sociology, Chinese Journal of Sociology, Demography, International Journal of Asian Social Science, International Migration Review, Japan Labor Issues, Journal of Economic Inequality, Mind & Society, Social Forces, Social Problems, Social Science Research, Sociological Science, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Taiwanese Sociological Review, and Work and Occupations among other outlets. I am currently doing research on the socioeconomic attainments of South Asian Americans; an organizational model of class structure based on patterns of economic exploitation; and a review of inequality and mobility studies of East Asian societies. I teach courses on statistics and research methods, racial and ethnic relations, demography, and social stratification.

Course(s) Taught:

SOCI 4027 Selected Topics in Sociology of China II (Racial/Ethnic Relations and International Migration)
From Jan-2014 to  Sept-2015 "Higher Education, Long-term Earnings, and Opportunity Cost." Spencer Foundation. As PI. USD $50,000. (About HKD $390,900)
From Aug-2013 to  Jul-2015 "‘Demographic and Educational Effects on Long-Term Earnings." National Institutes of Health. As PI. USD $163,602. (About HKD $1,279,000)
From Jan-2010 to Feb-2012 "Increased Earnings Dispersions and Labor Market Productivity." National Science Foundation (Sociology Program). As PI. USD $126,670. (About HKD $990,300)

PUBLICATIONS (in recent 5 years)


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