WONG, Day K.M. 黃結梅

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Australian National University)

Research Interests:

Gender studies; Sexualities; Chinese feminisms

My research interests include construction of (trans)gender and (a)sexual identities, practices of intimacy, politics of knowledge, and queer/feminist movements. Influenced by queer theory and feminist scholarship, my works seek to capture the meaning-making processes and lived experiences of individuals, and demonstrate the complex ways in which gender order and heteronormativity are reproduced, destabilized, transformed and challenged. I assert the importance of gender/sexuality studies for an understanding of other social processes. In addition to a focus on how social identities such as gender, sexual orientation, class, age, nationality are interconnected, my research explores the relationships between gender/sexuality and the broader processes such as globalization, market transformation, neo-liberalization, and changing forms of governmentality. I have extensive experience of collaborating with NGOs and believe in the importance of dialogue and knowledge sharing. I teach gender and sexuality, sociological theories, and qualitative research methods. I am committed to providing a learning environment that fosters critical thinking and independent learning.

Negotiating marriage and sexual identity: A study of Chinese sexual minorities of different genders and socioeconomic statuses, GRF, Amount: HKD $291,000 2016-18. PI: Day Wong

Practices of intimacy and distancing: Adult daughters and their mothers in East Asia, Japan’s Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research. Amount: JPY 74,000,000, 2014-18, PI: Diana Khor; CI: Day Wong; Saori Kamano; Yip Lo Lucetta Kam. Experiences of Transgender People in Workplace and Medical Settings, FRG Category I, Amount: HKD $50,000, 2015-18, PI: Day Wong.

Understanding night life culture of Hong Kong female youths, Institute of Creativity, HKBU, Amount: HKD $100,000, 2016-17, PI: Day Wong; Co-Is: Yip Lo Lucetta Kam, Hung Suet Lin.

Youth’s Self-imaging of Body and Gender, Institute of Creativity, HKBU, Amount: HKD $100,000, 2015-2017, PI: John Erni; Co-Is: Day Wong; Yip Lo Lucette Kam ; Chow Yiu Fai; Jia Tan; Hung Wing Kit; Tien Ee Dominic Yeo.

Queer Families with Chinese Characteristics: An Exploratory Study of ‘Sexless Marriage’ Websites in China, FRG Category I, Amount: HKD: $49,140, 2011-13, PI: Day Wong.

Discourse, Gender and Sexual Agency in Youth, Start-up fund for GRF, Amount: HKD $60,000, 2011-13, PI: Day Wong.

Study on Students’ Sexual Attitudes and Views on Sexual Harassment, Equal Opportunities Commission, Amount HKD $373,060, 2011-13, PI: Luk-Fong Yuk Yee Pattie; Co-Is: Day Wong; LEE Yick Pang Anthony; Chong Yiu KWong; Lee-Man Yuk Ching.

Gender and the Family in Contemporary China, CERG Incentive Award Scheme, Amount: HKD $148,740, 2009-10, PI: Gina LAI; Co-Is: Day Wong; Odalia WONG.

A Study of Hong Kong Youth’s Un/safe Sexual Behavior, Council for the AIDS Trust Fund, Amount: HKD $129,700, 2008-09, PI: Day Wong.

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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Wong, D. (2017). The licit body? : Representation of transgender people in mass media (正當的身體? -- 跨性別在傳媒). My City, My Gender/Sexuality (我城我性), Y. L. Kam et al. (eds.), pp. 134-140. Hong Kong: Roundtable Press. (In Chinese)

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