Population and Social Developments in China


CHSS/SOCI 2016 Modern Chinese Society OR SOCI 2025 Population and Social Issues

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the population and social developments in China. It will look at the basic demographic characteristics of China’s population; the effects of mortality, fertility and migration on changing the size, growth and composition of China’s population; and the special features of China’s demographic transition. It will also look at the inter-relationship between population development and social development, such as the impacts of population aging on labor force, quality of life and health care; the impacts of sex imbalance on marriage and gender equality; the impacts of rural to urban migration on family, employment and social equality. Finally, this course will look at the population and social developments in China from various theoretical perspectives, and the discussions and debates related to the population policies of the Chinese government in affecting the current and future population and social developments in China.