023_Au Yeung Ka Ki (1)

I think sharing everything and reciprocity are part of the culture of Wisconsin. If I practice sincerity, I will not feel lonely, even while travelling alone.

Au Yeung Ka Ki (China Studies (Sociology))

Exchange Programme (USA)

044_Chan Ka Man

I think it is important for a modern government to care about people’s lives and the environment. The Kinmen government can achieve both. The government provides good welfare to the Kinmen people and takes action to protect migrant birds.

Chan Ka Man (China Studies (Sociology))

Fujian and Kinmen Academic Study Trip

002_Chan Siu Lee_Sichuan_1

To treasure what we have now is a positive attitude towards life. Every time I saw the smiles of those children, the elderly and my group mates, I felt very reassured and touched.

Chan Siu Lee (China Studies (Sociology))

Sichuan Service Trip